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The Ultimate Guide to Tiger Safaris in India: Discover the Top 5 Places to Spot Tigers!

India is home to 75% of the remaining wild tigers on this planet, so this is the place to come for a tiger safari holiday. For those with a passion for wildlife photography, mammal watching, or simply the thrill of seeing these majestic creatures in their natural habitat, a tiger safari in India is an experience of a lifetime. This expert guide explores the best 5 places to see tigers in India, complete with pro travel tips and personal experiences to help you plan your ultimate tiger safari adventure to India.

Kenya wildlife safari in Samburu – our tips for safari bliss

Personal recommendations from our visit to Samburu in 2024, key facts about Samburu, best Samburu lodges to suit your budget, the key wildlife species you will see, and how to organize your safari from Nairobi to Samburu with no stressful traveling and more time on safari. We also discuss budget and luxury Samburu safaris and the best time of year to visit Samburu. This is one of our best short wildlife guides to Samburu and will be very helpful with your personal trip planning

Kenya wildlife safari – the best Kenya parks, where to stay and key species

Kenya is famous around the world for the chance to see the Big 5 and the famous Wildebeest River crossings, which overwhelm you, with the sounds and sights of thousands of tens of thousands of animals running down the steep sided riverbanks and plunging into the crocodile infested waters. We were there in September 2023 and were lucky enough to witness a huge crossing and it is an experience that will live with us for the rest of our lives.

The Black Panther – a mythical animal that connects us with our ancient past.

As I prepared to visit Laikipia wildlife sanctuary in September 2023 for another potential encounter with this stunning feline – this time a female known as Giza – I found myself asking what it is that draws humans towards these melanistic variants and how has it manifested in our behaviour towards them over the centuries and indeed, millennia?

Six months, six stunning wildlife holidays you will not want to miss!

Below for your viewing pleasure, we have compiled our 6 month 'countdown' to wildlife viewing heaven. Giving you the best months to see a variety of incredible wildlife stars, from female grizzly bears and their cubs near Vancouver Island, to Polar Bears in the High Arctic, Wild Dogs packs, tigers and leopard in Nagerhole

Best Botswana Camping Safaris 2023

We believe Botswana safaris should be less expensive, so we have created our full service camping safaris to keep costs low, while not diminishing the wildlife experience.

Botswana Camping Safari – how to do it right!

Botswana safaris are our speciality and in this blog we want to offer first-hand advice on how to plan your Botswana camping holiday and put together an affordable Botswana safari.

Tigers, Tigers Everywhere – But Where to Go on Your Indian Tiger Safari?

We are undoubtedly in a golden period for wild tigers in India. We can say that with more than 20 years of experience visiting India’s tiger parks and having seen our first wild tiger in Ranthambhore national park way back in February 1997. Every wildlife photographers Facebook page seems to be adorned with yet more photographs of tigers with their cubs and tiger sanctuaries like Ranthambhore, Tadoba and Bandhavgarh have ‘too many tigers’ to sustain within the core and buffer areas of the main national park – so what does this mean for you, if you are currently planning your tiger safari in India?

4 Most Common Mistakes People Make on an Indian Tiger Safari

Every year we receive numerous emails from clients who have already booked flights and maybe part of an India tiger safari holiday; but did not prioritise booking the jeeps. They then realise when they try to book the game drives online that all of the main zones are sold out and they basically don’t have a viable option to enter the park.

A Mini Yala for Leopards in Southern Rajasthan, India

It was way back in 2004 that I first heard about the wild leopards of Bera, Rajasthan. I had been visiting many of India’s best wildlife sanctuaries since 1997 and I had enjoyed plenty of luck when it came to seeing tigers in the wild, but a sighting of the elusive Asian Leopard had eluded me. This in part can be explained by the obvious fact that leopards are very cautious around tigers, so a sighting inside the best tiger parks, such as Ranthambhore or Bandhavgarh would be very lucky indeed. In addition, leopards are much more nocturnal in their behaviour – when compared to tigers – so the reality is you are leaving the national parks, just when leopards are starting to be more active

Walking in the Footsteps of Jim Corbett

There are probably fewer iconic parks in India than Corbett; named after the legendary English hunter – turned photographer and conservationist – Jim Corbett. One of the first national parks in India to be given Project Tiger status and a place with so much wildlife and human history wrapped up in its origins, that a visit here just to hear about Jim Corbett; let alone see the wildlife tigers he helped conserve, is both enriching and fascinating at the same time.

Pantanal Jaguar Tour – Which One is the Best for You?

The Pantanal is a huge seasonal wetland covering the states of Mato Grosso do Sul and Mato Grosso in Brazil. In recent years it has become famous around the world as the best place to see Jaguars in the wild. This magnificent big cat and deadly killer thrive in this rich mosaic of huge rivers, enormous ranches and riverine forest. However, there are different locations within the Pantanal that attract a variety of wildlife and big cat enthusiasts looking for the ultimate Jaguar photo.

Giant Anteaters & Armadillos Rock!

Of course, many clients booking a Brazil wildlife tour are focused on charismatic predators, such as the legendary Jaguar. However, once you have enjoyed your Pantanal jaguar tour you might be looking for more unique Brazilian wildlife; such species as Giant River Otters, Maned Wolf, Armadillo’s and the utterly charming and bizarre Giant Anteater.

Brazil Wildlife Holiday; The Search for the River Wolves of Brazil

One of the most joyous wildlife encounters during a Brazil wildlife tour is to meet a foraging family of Giant River Otters on the river. These beautiful animals are superb swimmers and can avoid predators with their speed and agility. They can often turn defence into attack and push a caiman or snake from their territory, by constantly haranguing the unfortunate creature which gets too close to their heavily protected dens. It is often the case that you hear the Giant River Otters before you see them, and their distinctive high-pitched squeaks are one of the great sounds of a Pantanal jaguar safari.

Bear Viewing Vancouver Island. Best Places to Go!

Having lived on Vancouver Island for several years, we look at the best locations for bear viewing on Vancouver Island, the best way to get there from Vancouver, the best time of year to travel for bear viewing and why you should include this very special wildlife destination as part of your Canada Wildlife Holiday. Talk to Allan on Whatsapp about the amazing variety of wildlife safaris available in Canada to suit all budgets. We don't just sell wildlife holidays - it's our passion!

Why Grizzly Bear Lodge is the Best Place for Bear Viewing in Knight Inlet

Knight Inlet is the most famous and popular grizzly bear viewing location in Canada, and one of the best places in Canada to see grizzly bears. They congregate in this special location to fish for salmon, and where you can observe interaction between these normally solitary animals as they compete for the best fishing spots. Instead of sending our clients to the much more commercial Knight inlet Lodge at Glendale Cove - which accommodates around 40 people - we prefer to use Grizzly Bear Lodge, located on the beautiful Minstrel Island.

Drifting with the Brown Bears and Bald Eagles of Bella Coola

We have been privileged to visit many of Canada’s wildlife sanctuaries and national parks on our Canada wildlife holidays and see all 3 species of North American bears. However one location for viewing Brown Bears stood out above all the rest; for the spectacular setting, fully immersive way of seeing the bears on beautiful river drifts and providing visitors with the chance to ‘walk with the bears’ in the company of an expert local guide.

Why Alaska is the Holy Grail for Grizzly Bear Viewing

When wildlife photographers think about booking a photography tour which focuses on taking pictures of grizzly bears in their natural habitat, one of the first locations that comes to mind is Alaska. But why is Alaska one of the best places in the world to see and photograph bears and what specifically makes the perfect Alaska wildlife photography tour for bears.

How do I Photograph Bears on Kodiak Island

Wildlife photographers have been fascinated with the giant bears of Kodiak Island for generations. An abundance of food and genetic isolation from the other brown bears found in nearby Katmai national park, has produced gigantic brown bears which have no equal around the world. Sadly, some of these magnificent animals have become trophies for American and European hunters.

Best Places to See Bears in Alaska, Brooks Falls

Every other client enquiry for an Alaska bear safari mentions the ‘fabled’ Brooks Falls Lodge and wants to know if it is either available to book, or when is the best time to visit Brooks for the best grizzly bear viewing? However, let’s just step back for a moment from those eye catching images of brown bears fishing for salmon and consider the ‘real’ merits (or not) of a visit to Brooks Falls Lodge on your Alaska wildlife holiday and the many different ways of organising a visit here.

Top 5 Alaska Bear Tours

Which bear viewing locations in Alaska get your heart beating and your hands shaking, as you come face to face with some of the most powerful land mammals on this planet? An Alaska bear safari is more than just a chance to take the perfect photo; it is an opportunity to walk in their BIG footsteps, learn a little about their daily life and habitat and head home with a richer understanding about the magnificent grizzly bears of Alaska.

Best Time of Year to Visit Sri Lanka for Leopards

Like the majority of big cats around the world, leopard sightings tend to increase in the hotter, drier months when only a few remaining water sources are available for the resident leopards. Not only does this allow wildlife photographers and guides to predict more accurately the daily movements of the leopards, but it also presents the rare opportunity to witness a leopard kill; as prey species such a grey langurs and spotted deer become slightly less cautious due to their need to visit the water bodies on a regular basis

Is Sri Lanka the Perfect Destination for a Beach and Wildlife Holiday?

Even full on Sri Lanka wildlife enthusiasts like to ‘build in’ a bit of chill out time at the end of their Sri Lanka safari and there are not many better places in Asia to make this type of holiday happen. Sri Lanka is a compact country, with a reasonable road network and some really excellent and friendly local drivers – who are also infact superb guides.

The Big 5 of Sri Lanka. What They are and Where to See Them.

In the mid-2000’s Sri Lanka tourism was trying to re-position to country to help it tap into the rapidly growing wildlife safari market. Up until then, Sri Lanka had been mainly known for its beach holidays; with charter aircraft full of holidaymakers looking to enjoy beautiful beaches, friendly locals and the chance to top up their tans with some winter sunshine. However wildlife entrepreneurs such as the famous author of bird book, Mr Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne, had realised that the potential for wildlife safaris in Sri Lanka was much greater than the industry had realised and set about promoting this in publications such as the BBC Wildlife Magazine.

Sri Lanka Leopard Safari – 3 things I wish I had known before booking

We live in an age where we can simply click on a button and book a Sri Lanka safari to see Leopards within minutes – but what have we actually booked? Have we asked the right questions of the travel agents to ensure that our trip of a lifetime will live up to expectations? We have been organising leopard safaris in Sri Lanka since 2002 and have seen the popularity of the country explode in the last 9 years since the terrible civil war ended.

Zambia Wildlife Holiday – What is Special About a Zambia Safari

What makes a Zambia Safari so special? Zambia is a country which attracts the safari purist; with some of the best walking safaris in Africa and a rich history of low impact camps and stunning wildlife, it is no wonder that wildlife lovers return again and again to see some of the most well managed national parks in Africa. In addition, the Zambian goverment is fully committed to quality tourism within the National Parks and protection of the resident wildlife. My visit in 2010 also showed a gradual but welcome emergence of black Zambians becoming managers or owners of new safari lodges, which in many other parts of Africa is glaringly missing and reflects badly on African tourism in general.

Best Time to Visit Uganda for Gorilla Trekking

We have put together a month by month guide, to the best time to visit Uganda for your gorilla safari. Whether you want to save money by travelling in the 'wet season', or ensure dry feet while gorilla trekking in the 'dry season'; with our expert guide to the weather in Uganda, we make sure you are well informed; so you can make the right decision.

My First Encounter with a Mountain Gorilla

The year was 2005 during the month of July and the location was the small community of Buhoma; starting point for gorilla treks into the magnificent Bwindi Impenterable forest. A spectacular and ancient remnant of an extensive forest which used to cover the entire south west of this green and vibrant country. Many of the best wildlife lodges in Uganda have direct views into the forest and a few very lucky visitors even glimpse sightings of the resident gorilla families from their own private balconies; before the official gorilla trekking has even begun

Silverback Gorilla Facts

Silverback gorillas are a magnificent sight in the wild and for anyone who has been lucky enough to go gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda a chance to photograph the largest and strongest primate in the world is top of their wildlife travel bucketlist. Uganda wildlife is rich and varied but almost all visitors to this beautiful country choose to take a gorilla safari in the west of the country, which borders the Congo and Rwanda.

Crater Lakes, Tree-Climbing Lions, Gorillas and 8 Volcanoes!

Travel slow and travel deep in Uganda and you will be rewarded with a variety of scenery, activities and accommodation, that you could never have imagined. It was with this in mind that on our return to Uganda we decided to explore new locations and tackle some activities that few other visitors allow time for. The result was an adventerous camping road trip, where we also stayed at some truely unique lodges and managed to go walking through the Bwindi Impeneterable forests, go gorilla trekking at Nkuringo and climb a volcano over 3500M high!

Best Place in India to See Tigers. Top 5 Tiger Reserves in India

Best place in India to see Tigers – Top 5 Tiger Reserves in India. India is blessed to be in a ‘golden period’ of tiger safari tourism; with more and more tiger reserves being run in a more professional manner and the number of tiger sightings increasing year on year. Here at Wildlife Trails we are lovers of all wildlife and like to encourage you to visit some of the Indian national parks which are ‘off the beaten track’.

Tiger and Leopard Safari in India and Sri Lanka – Which Parks to Visit?

Sadly when we first visited Sri Lanka back in 2002, the civil war that had torn the country apart for decades was still very much ongoing and national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in the North of the island were very much off-limits. While travelling around Sri Lanka I spoke directly with naturalists and leopard researchers who told be about the ‘golden days’ of Wilpattu national park; when it was the ‘go to’ place for seeing the biggest leopards in Asia.

Snow Leopard Tour in Ladakh India

It’s minus 20 degrees Celsius outside and I slip on my fleece lined North Face slippers and venture out. I am greeted by a Tolkienesque type scene outside our simple Ladakh homestay. A half-circle of mountains surrounds us and snow envelopes the hill sides like newly washed linen.

Polar Bear Safari in the High Arctic

Way back in August 2003 we first visited the little known Inuit town of Qikitarjuaq in Nunavut, Canada - YES, it took us several years to be able to spell the name correctly! This was as far north as we had ever been on the planet; way inside the Arctic Circle and with legendary Arctic Wildlife the photographic targets for the trip. This was not just any old Polar Bear tour, this was a true High Arctic wildlife adventure; led by a local Inuit man with eagle like eyes and with him as our expert guide, we hoped to see Seals, Bowhead Whales and the legendary Narwhal.

Sri Lanka Leopard Safari – Should All Vehicles in Yala Have Speed Limiters Fitted?

Blog about a Leopard Safari in Yala and the problems with excessive vehicle speed in Yala National Park. Can we continue to allow jeeps to travel at excessive speeds in Yala National Park, while their occupants ‘chase’ Leopards without showing any respect for the wildlife they are visiting? Is this type of Sri Lanka Leopard Safari good for visitors or wildlife?

Arctic Cruise – How to Find the Best Arctic Cruise Ship for You?

How to get a cheap Botswana Safari. You love wildlife! You love Africa! You love a good deal! Is it possible to get a cheap Botswana Safari? We love the the Swhaili meaning for the word safari which translates as ‘long journey’. It could be a journey between two villages, or a crossing of a desert; but the idea of a long journey conjures up images of several days on a simple boat cruising one of the great rift lakes, or a slow overland journey through Central and Southern Africa.

Botswana Safari – How to Book a Cheap Botswana Safari

How to get a cheap Botswana Safari. You love wildlife! You love Africa! You love a good deal! Is it possible to get a cheap Botswana Safari? We love the the Swhaili meaning for the word safari which translates as ‘long journey’. It could be a journey between two villages, or a crossing of a desert; but the idea of a long journey conjures up images of several days on a simple boat cruising one of the great rift lakes, or a slow overland journey through Central and Southern Africa.

India Wildlife Tour – So Much More than Just Tigers

India Wildlife Tour - is a car and your own driver the best way to see India? After enjoying my first tiger safari in Ranthambhore way back in 1997, I can fully understand how this wonderous animal attracts so many people to take an India wildlife holiday.

Grizzly Bear Safari – The Great Stakeout!

The Great Bear Stakeout - Hotspots for Grizzly Bear Safari and Grizzly Bear Viewing on your Alaska wildlife holiday or Canada wildlife holiday. A blog about the best places to see Grizzly Bears on your Grizzly Bear Safari - Part 1 Canada

India Tiger Safari, Ranthambhore – Is This the Best Park for Tigers?

Is Ranthambhore the best place for a tiger safari on your India wildlife holiday? One of the most common questions we get asked here at Wildlife Trails from people planning their India wildlife tour is ‘which is the best tiger sanctuary to visit?’.

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda – A Step by Step Guide Through this Wonderful Country!

Detailed blog about Gorilla Trekking in Uganda; one of the ultimate wildlife experiences in Africa! Gorilla trekking in Uganda - Beautiful, friendly people, stunning scenery and the ultimate wildlife experience of Gorilla Trekking. Find out more about this very special Gorilla Safari in Uganda. Gorilla trekking in Uganda takes you to the ‘Pearl of Africa’ and in this case that bold statement completely hits the mark.

Sri Lanka Safari with Leopard Safari in Yala

Sri Lanka Safari - Visit this wildlife jewel of an island to enjoy a private Leopard Safari in Yala National Park and Blue Whale Watching from Mirissa. The owners of Wildlife Trails first visited Sri Lanka way back in 2002; as for the first time we looked beyond the delights of India and opened our eyes to this beautiful ‘teardrop’ of an island located of the SE coast of its massive neighbour.

My First Ever Tiger Safari in India!

Rewind to January 1997. I was 26 years old. My ‘round the world trip ticket ‘had been paid for, I was flying out to Nepal to attempt the Everest Base Camp Trek before flying on to Thailand to start my Padi diving course on the beautiful Island of Koh Samui; after that Lao, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Bali and a working visa in Australia.

Best Borneo Rainforest Lodges To Stay In

Many clients when planning their Borneo Tour want to build an itinerary around the best Borneo Rainforest Lodges; which because of their locations and reputation for good guides attract wildlife enthusiasts and photographers alike.

How to See the Komodo Dragons in an Ethical Fashion

Komodo Dragons have fascinated visitors to the beautiful islands of Komodo and Rinca for hundreds of years, but now for the first time, we are faced with a 'tourism threat' to the largest lizards on the planet and any ethical tour operator needs to be careful in how they both promote and organise Komodo and Rinca tours.

Do We Act Back Home, On What We See on Holiday?

When we first sent James on his Borneo Safari back in 2003 our whole focus was on maximising the wildlife potential of his time in this beautiful country. However, despite the amazing pictures he took in the Danum Valley and along the Kinabatangan River of Probosis Monkeys and Wild Orangutans, what I remember most is the stories of clear cut or burnt rainforest and huge monospecific plantations appearing in once prime forest.