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Why Alaska is the Holy Grail for Grizzly Bear Viewing

When wildlife photographers think about booking a photography tour which focuses on taking pictures of grizzly bears in their natural habitat, one of the first locations that comes to mind is Alaska. But why is Alaska one of the best places in the world to see and photograph bears and what specifically makes the perfect Alaska wildlife photography tour for bears.

How do I Photograph Bears on Kodiak Island

Wildlife photographers have been fascinated with the giant bears of Kodiak Island for generations. An abundance of food and genetic isolation from the other brown bears found in nearby Katmai national park, has produced gigantic brown bears which have no equal around the world. Sadly, some of these magnificent animals have become trophies for American and European hunters.

Best Places to See Bears in Alaska, Brooks Falls

Every other client enquiry for an Alaska bear safari mentions the ‘fabled’ Brooks Falls Lodge and wants to know if it is either available to book, or when is the best time to visit Brooks for the best grizzly bear viewing? However, let’s just step back for a moment from those eye catching images of brown bears fishing for salmon and consider the ‘real’ merits (or not) of a visit to Brooks Falls Lodge on your Alaska wildlife holiday and the many different ways of organising a visit here.

Top 5 Alaska Bear Tours

Which bear viewing locations in Alaska get your heart beating and your hands shaking, as you come face to face with some of the most powerful land mammals on this planet? An Alaska bear safari is more than just a chance to take the perfect photo; it is an opportunity to walk in their BIG footsteps, learn a little about their daily life and habitat and head home with a richer understanding about the magnificent grizzly bears of Alaska.