Zambia Wildlife Holiday – What is Special About a Zambia Safari

What makes a Zambia Safari so special?

Zambia is a country which attracts the safari purist; with some of the best walking safaris in Africa and a rich history of low impact camps and stunning wildlife, it is no wonder that wildlife lovers return again and again to see some of the most well managed national parks in Africa. In addition, the Zambian goverment is fully committed to quality tourism within the National Parks and protection of the resident wildlife. My visit in 2010 also showed a gradual but welcome emergence of black Zambians becoming managers or owners of new safari lodges, which in many other parts of Africa is glaringly missing and reflects badly on African tourism in general.

What makes a Zambia Wildlife Holiday so special and which style of Zambia Safari suits me? Continuing our discussion about what makes a Zambia Safari so special, we would like to elaborate further on some of the smaller specialist companies in Zambia, who have perfected the art of comfortable bush camps, first class guides and making your Zambia wildlife holiday such a special and unique experience.