Organising a Leopard Safari in Yala. The 3 Questions You Must Ask.

We live in an age where we can simply click on a button and book a Sri Lanka safari to see Leopards within minutes – but what have we actually booked? Have we asked the right questions of the travel agents to ensure that our trip of a lifetime will live up to expectations? We have been organising leopard safaris in Sri Lanka since 2002 and have seen the popularity of the country explode in the last 9 years since the terrible civil war ended. As with all developing wildlife tourism markets around the world; you have a wide range of Sri Lanka wildlife tours on offer in the market place and there is a huge difference in quality between the cheap and nasty Sri Lanka holidays at the bottom of the ladder and the more high quality bespoke tours at the top; organised by experts in the industry, who have vast personal experience. Rather than just tell you who to book with, lets instead look at the questions you should be asking your Sri Lanka tour operator before booking your Sri Lanka leopard safari.