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Pantanal Jaguar Tour – Which One is the Best for You?

The Pantanal is a huge seasonal wetland covering the states of Mato Grosso do Sul and Mato Grosso in Brazil. In recent years it has become famous around the world as the best place to see Jaguars in the wild. This magnificent big cat and deadly killer thrive in this rich mosaic of huge rivers, enormous ranches and riverine forest. However, there are different locations within the Pantanal that attract a variety of wildlife and big cat enthusiasts looking for the ultimate Jaguar photo.

Giant Anteaters & Armadillos Rock!

Of course, many clients booking a Brazil wildlife tour are focused on charismatic predators, such as the legendary Jaguar. However, once you have enjoyed your Pantanal jaguar tour you might be looking for more unique Brazilian wildlife; such species as Giant River Otters, Maned Wolf, Armadillo’s and the utterly charming and bizarre Giant Anteater.

Brazil Wildlife Holiday; The Search for the River Wolves of Brazil

One of the most joyous wildlife encounters during a Brazil wildlife tour is to meet a foraging family of Giant River Otters on the river. These beautiful animals are superb swimmers and can avoid predators with their speed and agility. They can often turn defence into attack and push a caiman or snake from their territory, by constantly haranguing the unfortunate creature which gets too close to their heavily protected dens. It is often the case that you hear the Giant River Otters before you see them, and their distinctive high-pitched squeaks are one of the great sounds of a Pantanal jaguar safari.