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Bear Viewing Vancouver Island. Best Places to Go!

Having lived on Vancouver Island for several years, we look at the best locations for bear viewing on Vancouver Island, the best way to get there from Vancouver, the best time of year to travel for bear viewing and why you should include this very special wildlife destination as part of your Canada Wildlife Holiday. Talk to Allan on Whatsapp about the amazing variety of wildlife safaris available in Canada to suit all budgets. We don't just sell wildlife holidays - it's our passion!

Why Grizzly Bear Lodge is the Best Place for Bear Viewing in Knight Inlet

Knight Inlet is the most famous and popular grizzly bear viewing location in Canada, and one of the best places in Canada to see grizzly bears. They congregate in this special location to fish for salmon, and where you can observe interaction between these normally solitary animals as they compete for the best fishing spots. Instead of sending our clients to the much more commercial Knight inlet Lodge at Glendale Cove - which accommodates around 40 people - we prefer to use Grizzly Bear Lodge, located on the beautiful Minstrel Island.

Drifting with the Brown Bears and Bald Eagles of Bella Coola

We have been privileged to visit many of Canada’s wildlife sanctuaries and national parks on our Canada wildlife holidays and see all 3 species of North American bears. However one location for viewing Brown Bears stood out above all the rest; for the spectacular setting, fully immersive way of seeing the bears on beautiful river drifts and providing visitors with the chance to ‘walk with the bears’ in the company of an expert local guide.

Grizzly Bear Safari – The Great Stakeout!

The Great Bear Stakeout - Hotspots for Grizzly Bear Safari and Grizzly Bear Viewing on your Alaska wildlife holiday or Canada wildlife holiday. A blog about the best places to see Grizzly Bears on your Grizzly Bear Safari - Part 1 Canada