South Africa

South Africa safari holidays and wildlife tours have something special for every type of client, wildlife enthusiast and photographer. It also offers many options for budget African safaris and that helps both individuals and families stay within budget, or even better, stay much longer in the country having flown all that way. There are some incredible, well managed private wildlife reserves in South Africa, like Zimanga near Durban; who have created a daytime and nightime wildlife photography experience that is simply stunning to experience. Kruger sometimes gets a bad reputation for being a little crowded, but it is just one of many huge wildlife sanctuaries in South Africa and if you dig a little deeper, you can definitly avoid the crowds and find some real gems when it comes to the best South Africa wildlife lodges to stay in. Then you can add in really specialist nocturnal safaris well of the beaten track, lwhere you will go looking for Aardvark, Aardwolf, Brown Hyena and Black Footed cat with some of the best local wildlife guides in the country. Finally, why not thing big and consider a transafrican road trip passing through Namibia, Botswana and South Africa and including a dizzying variety of landscapes and wildlife.

If you’re looking to visit South Africa and unsure when to go, check out our dedicated blog post, about the best time to visit South Africa here.

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