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Wildlife Trails was started in 1999 by Allan Blanchard, a biologist and conservationist who fell in love with India after spending 3 months there in 1997. His time in India was spent mainly at the National Parks, viewing the amazing wildlife, but also visiting local charities to try and better understand the human/wildlife conflict that was so destructive to local people and wildlife alike. He observed the early beginnings of wildlife tourism in India and came back to the UK with a rather negative impression of the rather limited and rushed experience that was being offered by group operators - we thought we could offer a far superior tailor-made wildlife experience to clients from around the world. We were the first UK company to offer a truely bespoke wildlife experience for our clients; so if  a client wanted to spend 2 weeks looking for Red Pandas in North East India, that is what they got!

By providing spectacular wildlife tours, we seek to promote and support the long-term sustainability of wildlife tourism in the regions we visit. From the outset, our primary goal has been to work in partnership with expert local operators and to give something back to the local communities living around the National Parks. These people too often seem to have been forgotten by the park authorities, hotels and tour companies who profit from the land these people used to call home, often leading to mistrust and conflict.

We believe strongly in responsible eco-tourism that emphasizes respect for wildlife, the environment, indigenous cultures, and the wilderness communities we visit. Our aim is to operate a company that not only provides unforgettable wildlife experiences for our clients, but also directly contributes to the effective conservation of wildlife and natural habitats, and rewards responsible eco-tourism initiatives in small (often remote) communities with much needed income. I think the donation of 10% of our profits to the Tiger Trail Foundation, membership in TOFT (Travel Operators for Tigers) and Tourism Concern, and the award of 5 stars for sustainable tourism from AITO tells you a lot about the way Wildlife Trails conducts its business.

Wildlife Trails now recognises the desire of many single travellers and couples to travel as part of a small group of like minded wildlife enthusiasts, and it is only fair that they are able to take part in the same high-quality wildlife tours that we design for individuals. The design of this new website reflects that desire to engage with people via the web and social media to put together world leading wildlife tours for small groups of like minded individuals at the best price possible.

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