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Below are our family of safari experts who are waiting for your call or email. We are a diverse and friendly group of travellers and we share a passion for nature and a love of organising tailor-made wildlife holidays which surpass the expectations of our clients. Many of us have lived for months or years in the destinations we sell and our regular recce trips ensure that we always have the latest information on animal sightings and national parks. We can’t wait to start planning your next wildlife adventure!

Allan Profile

Allan Blanchard

Founder and CEO Learn more about me
Asia wildlife specialist at Wildlife Trails Kirsty Blanchard

Kirsty Blanchard

Asia Specialist Learn more about me
Alaska Canada and Arctic specialist for Wildlife Trails James Manson

James Manson

North American Specialist Learn more about me
Best wildlife guide in Ranthambhore national park

Vipul Jain

Expert wildlife guide Learn more about me
Best wildlife guides in India Avijit Dutta

Avijit Dutta

Expert wildlife guide Learn more about me
Award winning wildlife photographer Trai Anfield safaris

Trai Anfield

Wildlife Photographer Learn more about me


We Are Pioneers in Wildlife Travel

Over the last 20 years, we have pioneered some utterly unique wildlife destinations, including river drifts in the Bella Coola valley and polar bear safaris with the Inuit off Baffin Island.

Science at the Heart of Planning

As scientists, photographers and wildlife lovers, we take into account climatic changes, changes to migration routes and other environmental factors to maximise your wildlife encounters.

We Support Wildlife Warriors

For every new booking with Wildlife Trails we donate £100 to one of four wildlife charities who are outstanding in the field. They are the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, Gorilla Doctors, Panthera and Tiger Trails Foundation.

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Wildlife and travel are in our very DNA and nothing is better for us, than planning and delivering a dream wildlife holiday for our clients. Click here to start organising your safari.

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