A Bit About Me

I am a proud former student of Dr Graham’s school in Kalimpong and from an early age I had a passion for wilderness areas and wildlife. I studied a degree in history and tourism management and my first job was as a naturalist in the amazing Sunderbans Delta at one of the few wildlife lodges located there. In the last 10 years I have visited many of the national parks in the Indian subcontinent, while working in some of the best Indian wildlife lodges in India. Places like Jamtara in Pench national park and Reni Panni lodge in Satpura, have allowed my development as a real ‘all rounder’, when it comes to both guiding for wildlife, but also offering my thoughts on local cultures and food; which are also big passions of mine.

Since my family and home is in Kolkata, this has given me a base to explore many of the less visited states and national parks in the North East of India. I have made extensive recce trips to the states of Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim. In addition, I have repeatedly visited national parks in Assam, including Nameri, Orang, Dibru-Saikhowa and Manas. In recent years I have travelled and trekked extensively in Sikkim and it is my passion to promote low impact rural homestays to travellers looking to slow things down and appreciate untouched wilderness areas.

It is sometimes frustrating that many local and international travel agencies only want to explore the tiger parks and rarely commit any time or resources to promoting the more remote areas, which they don’t feel have commercial value. That is why I am happy that Allan has chosen to travel with me extensively in the North East and promote multiple national parks there using my services as a guide. I am delighted that I am the guide for Wildlife Trails stunning 15 day wildlife tour of North East India, visiting Kolkata, Gibbon Sanctuary, Kaziranga, Manas, Nameri and Pakke; with a focus on seeing tigers, elephants, rhino and Hoolock Gibbons.


Which areas of India do you know best?

Central India, North East India and the Kumoan mountains in Northern India. In terms of national parks, I would say I know Pench and Satpura extensively in Central India and Kaziranga, Manas, and Sunderbans in the North East of India.

Best Wildlife encounter of all time?

One such memorable and top experience I can recall, included the interaction between three predators in the Indian forests; a jackal, a pack of 5 wild dogs with their three pups and two leopards on a tree - Amazing!

What were the last 3 national parks you visited?

They were Kanha, Pench and Satpura in central India, just before the lockdown happened in March due to the Pandemic.

Favourite piece of travel kit?

Without a doubt, a canon DSLR along with a really handy Tamron 18-400mm lens.

Where are you heading to next?

Sikkim in the North East of India to explore the walking trails inside its national parks and the many diverse and little visited wildlife sanctuaries. This will probably be a 1-2 month recce.

Why Book with Wildlife Trails?

We Are Pioneers In Wildlife Travel

Over the last 20 years, we have pioneered some utterly unique wildlife destinations, including river drifts in the Bella Coola valley and polar bear safaris with the Inuit off Baffin Island.

Science At The Heart Of Planning

As scientists, photographers and wildlife lovers, we take into account climatic changes, changes to migration routes and other environmental factors to maximise your wildlife encounters.

We Support Wildlife Warriors

For every new booking with Wildlife Trails we donate £100 to one of four wildlife charities who are outstanding in the field. They are the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, Gorilla Doctors, Panthera and Tiger Trails Foundation.