A Bit About Me

I have been working as a wildlife guide in Ranthambhore national park since 1994 and in 1997 I guided and ‘looked after’ Allan Blanchard for 1 month in India. Together, we have tried to show another side of the park to visitors and encourage them to stay longer and travel ‘deeper’ in this spectacular part of Rajasthan. Every visitor to Ranthambhore is like family to me and I want to share with them the beauty of my home and if we are lucky the tiger gods may smile on me and provide us with a tiger sighting like no other.

There are many excellent wildlife guides in Ranthambhore, but not many of them will take the time to show you the rich culture and tribal diversity in the villages around the most famous tiger sanctuary in the world. I will show you the ‘hidden’ Ranthambhore, from Black Buck antelope in Devpura, to Gharial in the Chambal River and the thriving markets of Old Sawai Madhopur. What is life like in a tribal village next to the park, what crops do they grow and how do they care for their livestock. It is my honour and pleasure to show you the world most famous tiger reserve and a place I call home.

I have also helped to train guides and drivers in national parks like Tadoba, when in the early days they had very few visitors and did not fully understand the role of a guide for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers.


Which national parks in India do you know best?

Since Ranthambhore is where I live and have worked since 1994, I try to show people not just the tigers but the amazing village live and culture. I also have visited Satpura and Taboba when it was just opening up for serious wildlife photographers. I try to help new guides and drivers understand the needs of photographers and wildlife tourists.

Most exciting wildlife encounters?

Sometimes in Ranthambhore there are very bold male tigers and a few times they have charged the jeep to show who is the King of the Jungle. We always try to respect the distance between the tiger and the vehicle, but some tigers are more relaxed than others, so we adjust accordingly.

Last 3 national parks you have visited

Ranthambhore, Sariska and Tadoba

Favourite piece of travel kit?

I always wear khaki / dull green color cloth with jacket. I take into the parks a pair of binocular and a first aid kit

Where are you heading to next?

I will be at Ranthambhore national park, waiting to welcome you to my home and so you can meet my tiger family.

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Over the last 20 years, we have pioneered some utterly unique wildlife destinations, including river drifts in the Bella Coola valley and polar bear safaris with the Inuit off Baffin Island.

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As scientists, photographers and wildlife lovers, we take into account climatic changes, changes to migration routes and other environmental factors to maximise your wildlife encounters.

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