A Bit About Me

I am Kirsty’s big brother and was living in Canada as I saw Tiger Trails (now Wildlife Trails) growing and looking to develop new wildlife destinations. My desire to get involved with Wildlife Trails was not merely down to blood ties however, as Allan and I are very much of one mind when it comes to travel, wildlife, and conservation. For some time now we had been keen to explore wildlife viewing opportunities in Canada. In 2003, year months of planning came to fruition and I undertook a 6 week trip to British Columbia, Manitoba, and the High Arctic in search of all 3 native bear species, also taking in everything from wolves to whales along the way. The trip was a huge success from a wildlife encounters point of view and some of my images were used to help raise money for Polar Bears international.

I now operate in a more part time consultant/advisory role, in developing new off the beaten track destinations in Alaska, Canada and the High Arctic. Although I too have a deep love of India’s wildlife and local people and have visited multiple times; including an epic 1 month road trip through Rajasthan and Gujarat. The last trip was in February 2020 with all the extended family, as we celebrated 20 years of Wildlife Trails. A magical moment for all of us and we feel incredibly blessed to have enjoyed that precious time together, just before the Pandemic unfolded.


Which countries do you visit most for wildlife?

Having lived in Canada for many years, I have explored a lot of wildlife viewing on 'my doorstep'; including polar bear safaris in the High Arctic, viewing Spirit Bears in the British Colombia, grizzly bears in Alaska and wolf watching in Yellowstone national park. I have also made multiple safaris to India, in search of tigers, wolf and lions.

Best wildlife experience of all time?

Always difficult to pick just one when you have been blessed with so many memorable encounters. However, giving how rare it is to see Spirit Bears in the wild, I would have to go with my 2004 visit to the Spirit Bear Lodge in the Great Bear Rainforest, where I was lucky enough to see them nearly every day; including a white mother, with two black cubs.

What are the last 3 countries you have visited?

India, Spain and the US

Next wildlife destination on your wish list?

Madagascar, where I can combine my twin passions of wildlife viewing and diving.

Why Book with Wildlife Trails?

We Are Pioneers In Wildlife Travel

Over the last 20 years, we have pioneered some utterly unique wildlife destinations, including river drifts in the Bella Coola valley and polar bear safaris with the Inuit off Baffin Island.

Science At The Heart Of Planning

As scientists, photographers and wildlife lovers, we take into account climatic changes, changes to migration routes and other environmental factors to maximise your wildlife encounters.

We Support Wildlife Warriors

For every new booking with Wildlife Trails we donate £100 to one of four wildlife charities who are outstanding in the field. They are the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, Gorilla Doctors, Panthera and Tiger Trails Foundation.