Kruger National Park

The most famous wildlife sanctuary in South Africa and loved by both local South African wildlife enthusiasts and international safari-goers, who come to Kruger for the chance to see the Big 5 and to stay in a wide variety of Kruger wildlife lodges and camps. These ranged from the simple lodges and camps owned and run by SANParks, to luxury wildlife camps located in stunning locations and with only a few guests allowed to stay. Whatever standard of accommodation you choose to pick when taking a Kruger National Park holiday, you can be sure that you will be in one of the best safari locations in Africa. It is a good idea to avoid the South African public holidays, as that is when you will see a lot of the simple accommodation booked up well in advance and a large number of self-drive safari-goers inside the park.

Best to visit Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park receives a lot less water in the winter which might seem counterintuitive for those coming from the Northern hemisphere, but that means the dry season is their winter and this is actually when many species congregate around the few remaining waterholes and the wildlife action and opportunities for photography increase significantly. Mid-winter equates to July and August and it can be very chilly on the morning game drives, so we would recommend after the South African holidays in September and October when the game viewing is still spectacular, the temperatures perfect and you will see far fewer visitors during your Kruger National Park safari.

Wildlife you will see in Kruger National Park

Another one of the most famous Big 5 places in Africa and the big cats, in particular, are very well represented. Of course, they have become very habituated due to the long history of Kruger National Park safaris, so you can get closer (not too close!) to majestic animals like leopards and lions without them running into the bush. Sadly, White Rhino are lower in number due to the recent escalation of poaching inside the park, but you still have a chance to see one when taking a Kruger National Park tour; either in a private vehicle or as part of a small group safari in South Africa. There are many different species of antelopes found inside Kruger and two secretive species to look out for are Steenbok and Common Duiker. There is a small chance to see both Black Rhino and African wild dogs.

Best Kruger National Park lodges and camps to stay in

As mentioned earlier there is an incredibly wide choice of Kruger lodges and camps to stay in and indeed the size of Kruger when you take into account the other connected wildlife sanctuaries and private reserves are simply vast, so you might want to consider a twin location Kruger National Park holidays taking in different habitats and different wildlife opportunities. Situated on the northeastern edge of South Africa, Klaserie Private Game Reserve forms part of the Greater Kruger National Park. It is one of the largest privately-owned reserves in the country comprising 60 000 hectares of seemingly endless plains of the unspoilt African bushveld. Our favourite lodge here is the NThambo Tree Camp and it is hard to think of a more stunning and intimate Kruger National Park lodge.


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