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  • Hanging out with the Orangutans
  • Nocturnal small cats and civits
  • Pygmy elephants of Kinabatangan
  • UK tour leader
  • Can add on bespoke extensions
  • Single supplement £960

The Glory of Wild Sabah

When you combine Dermakot, Kinabatangan and Tabin wildlife reserve within the same Borneo safari, you are without doubt looking at the most diverse and mammal rich tour itinerary possible in Sabah.


Orangutan – Pygmy Elephant – Clouded Leopard – Tarsier – Slow Loris – Leopard Cat – Marbled Cat – Sun Bear –      Rhinoceros Hornbill (and the other 7 species) – Proboscis Monkey – Bornean Gibbon – Civet Cats – Flying Squirrels – Estuarine Crocodiles – Sunda Skunk – Maroon Langur – Grey Langur and a variety of spectacular birds and reptiles.

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Small Group

Sep 18

Sandakan Airport to Sepilok accommodation

On arrival at the airport you will be met and transferred 30 minutes to your Sepilok accommodation. After dinner you will enjoy a night walk in the nearby forest. With luck you may spot the Western Tarsier and sleeping birds and frogs and snakes. Sepilok is one of the better locations to spot the endemic and iconic Borneo Bristlehead. A good nights’ sleep awaits…
Accommodation: Nasalis Sepilok Lodge
Sepilok night walk photo of a western tarsier

Sep 19

Transfer from Sepilok to Deramakot

After breakfast you will drive 2 to 3 hours on a main highway to Telupid and then continue by 4 wheel drive to Deramakot forest reserve through oil palm plantations and forest reserves. The road can be wet and muddy. Deramakot is the jewel in the Sabah Forestry Departments crown and spans an area of over 100,00 hectares with its adjacent Tangkulap reserve. It was the first tropical forest reserve to be recognised by the Forest Stewardship Council for good forest governance and since and it has rapidly become justifiably famous for its astonishing mammal and bird diversity.

Accommodation: Deramakot Lodge

Borneo safari clouded leopard photo

Sep 20-23

Four full days of day and night safaris in Deramakot Forest Reserve

Three full days in the reserve. Exact itinerary will be discussed with your guide but you will have dawn and night walking and 4*4 safaris each day, 2 hours are included each evening which can be extended for an extra 125 myr per hour, cash payment.

Overnight Deramakot Lodge.

Deramakot Borneo safari photo of Orangutan

Sep 24

Transfer from Deramakot to the Kinabatangan river

After breakfast return to the main highway and travel approximately 4 hours to the river village of Sukau. Sukau was the first village on the mighty Kinabatangan River to develop nature tourism and is now a busy hub of lodges and homestays. Enroute to the lodge you’ll stop by Gomantong caves. This large cave chamber is famous for its swiftlets and bats but the surrounding jungle is home to maroon langurs and orangutan. Check into Borneo Nature Lodge. Lunch is served upon arrival. Your first boat safaris begins at 4.30pm. Dinner at 19.00 before another boat safari looking for rare species such as the flat-headed cat (very rare!)

Accommodation: Borneo Nature Lodge

photo of bushy crested hornbill

Sep 25

Full day of private boat safaris on the Kinabatangan River

Wake up to the calls of birds, insects and animals as the pre-dawn chorus begins at 6.30am take a morning cruise. We will visit the nearby fishing village to learn about their way of life and enjoy a flexible itinerary to explore the river to maximise wildlife viewing opportunities. This will include longer river trips if required to try and view the migratory Borneo Pygmy Elephants.
Overnight Borneo Nature Lodge
Photo of pygmy elephants on Kinabatangan river

Sep 26

Second full day looking for wildlife on the Kinabatangan River

The days are action packed as we focus on the best areas to see riverside wildlife during the day and then head out at night for the chance to see a variety of mammals and reptiles.

Borneo wildlife holidays. Our accommodation on the Kinabatangan river.

Sep 27

Private road transfer from Kinabatangan to Tabin wildlife reserve

After breakfast you will transferred 5 hours to Tabin wildlife reserve. The reason we have switched in 2024 to Tabin from Danum, is we feel there is more mammal diversity here and you are not going to see many different mammals at Danum compared to Deramakot. That of course is a ‘general’ statement based on recorded sightings over the years, you can always be incredibly lucky and have a once in a lifetime sighting at any of these locations.

Accommodation : Tabin wildlife resort

Photo of a Maroon Langur on our Borneo wildlife safari

Sep 28-29

Two action packed days in Tabin wildlife reserve

Tabin was declared a protected area in 1984 primarily due to the existence of three of the largest mammals found in Sabah: the Borneo Pygmy Elephant, Sumatran Rhinoceros and Banteng (a species of wild cattle). Nine species of primate are found at Tabin, namely the orangutan, Bornean gibbon, red leaf monkey, silvered leaf monkey, grey leaf monkey, western tarsier, slow loris, long-tailed macaque and pig-tailed macaque. The largest predator found at Tabin is the clouded leopard. Whilst sightings of this fantastic cat are rare, it is quite common to see leopard cats and civet cats.

Mixture of vehicle and walking safaris with our expert naturalist to maximise mammal encounters. Expect long days and hunting for the nocturnal species well into the night.

Accommodation : Tabin wildlife resort

Photo of Malay Civet taken on our Borneo wildlife holiday

Sep 30

Transfer to Lahad Datu airport to connect with your onward flight

When appropriate you will be transferred 2 hours to Lahad Datu airport to connect with your international flight home.

Pricing Info & Dates

Costs £4800 based on two people sharing and not including flights. Valid for travel for the dates shown above in 2024


  • Services of private expert naturalist throughout
  • All meals apart from first and last days of the tour
  • All transfers and activities as described


  • Single room supplement of £200
  • Cost of international and domestic flights
  • Applicable visa and entry fees
  • Tips and gratuities to hotel staff and your main naturalist

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Our Clients Say About Us

Komodo and Sabah adventure 2013

My wife and I travelled on a private safari to see Komodo dragons in Indonesia, and on to Sabah. Komodo and Rinca Island were well worth the effort ,the dragons are well worth seeing, and the time the boat was tremendous, with stunning scenery and great snorkelling. The captain’s culinary skills were a surprise bonus. All of the lodges within Sabah were excellent, but with their own, different personalities The Rainforest lodge offers real comfort and the opportunity for good wildlife viewings, we even had a brief sighting of two Pygmy elephants en route to the lodge. Macaques greeted us as we arrived, and Dean, our guide at the lodge was excellent. Tabin is a birder’s paradise, and we saw 6 species of hornbill during our stay. Israel was our guide and was an expert birder. Gibbons were to be seen on some mornings, and the sound of their calling across the forest was memorable. The trails between the Primary, secondary rainforest and palm plantations gave opportunities for good sightings during dusk, and night drives, including Civet, flying squirrels and a number of leopard cats. Forest walking yielded our first Orang Utan sighting, a young male, a bit miffed at being stung by some bees. Myne lodge stands out for us as we love boats and we had a number of OU sightings including one great one, spending over an hour watching an older male feeding from a Ficus tree. More macaques than you can shake a stick at, and good Proboscis monkey watching too. No elephants around for us though. Special mention to Maik, our main guide and companion for our time in Sabah. Excellent guide, knowledgeable, resourceful, and with a great sense of humour. Lankayan Island is truly a paradise. A great way to relax after an arduous trip, more excellent snorkelling,and we were lucky enough to witness newly hatched Hawksbill turtles being released to make their way to the sea. We have travelled many times now with Wildlife Trails, and have had some memorable experiences within Asia, Africa, Canada, the Arctic circle and South America. Allan and his team have always come up with an itinerary, customised to our needs. The fact that we have come back so many times says it all.

ByDel and Sheila