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Gorilla Trekking in Uganda at Engagi Lodge, Bwindi

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When we first visited Bwindi ( the local community is called Buhoma) in 2005, there were very few mid-range or luxury Uganda wildlife lodges to choose from, which was a little strange given how famous Bwindi forest had become as a place to go gorilla trekking in Uganda. So on our return in 2010 we were pleasantly surprised how many more good quality small scale lodges had appeared and after visiting nearly all of themduring our 2 day visit, we felt that Engagi Lodge was the best choice for our clients, when comparing the location (very important to us!) quality of the rooms and overall service.

Since our clients are very much focused on the wildlife viewing it makes a huge difference when the wildlife lodge or camp is surrounding by forest or another type of undisturbed habutat that is conduscive to wildlife viewing. Engagi lodge fits this requirement perfectly and also has allowed plenty of space between the individual cottages, thus ensuring privacy and respect for clients staying at their lodge.

I think with a mid-range wildlife lodge in Uganda like Engagi you can expect great value for money, lovely friendly staff and a great location which has been hand picked by the owners of Wildlife Trails. Sometimes service, especially at meal times can be a little slow, but overall it is an exprience which many of our clients have thoroughly enjoyed. NB the paths between the lodges and the dining area can get a little slippy with the rains, so maybe not the best options for those with walking or balance difficulties.

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