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Best Time For Wildlife in Sri Lanka

Best time to visit Sri Lanka for Leopards

What month should I take my Sri Lanka safari?

Sri Lanka does have a more complicated cycle, though there are still distinctly dry and wet seasons. Being a more typically tropical region temperatures are not subject to major variation. Average daytime temperatures are in the mid-twenties (centigrade) and rarely get above thirty-five, however the humidity can at times make it seem hotter. There are two monsoons approaching the country from opposite directions at different times of the year, however the net affect is that it always a good time to visit at least half of the country

Almost all of the National Parks are open year-round, and those that close only do so for a short time. Whatever time of year you travel there is a risk of a shower, and even during the monsoons there are in fact plenty of dry sunny days (but humid). In Sri Lanka the migratory bird season is extended from August to April, however the bulk of visitors can be seen between November and March, for whales it is November to April, for turtles October and November are peak egg-laying months, but some species can be seen coming ashore year-round.

May to September is generally driest at Yala, Bundala and Minneriya, with the vegetation becoming much sparser as the dry spell continues. The East Coast (including Yala) is affected by the much lighter north east monsoon between October and January. Conversely May to July sees the heaviest rain in the hills, on the west coast and at Sinharaja; but these areas always see more rain year-round, the dry season here is from December to March. During the prevailing monsoon sea conditions become choppy and visibility for diving and snorkelling is reduced. Contact Wildlife Trails to pick the best time of year for your bespoke Sri Lanka safari.

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