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Sri Lanka Accommodation

Best Sri Lankan wildlife lodges

In Sri Lanka you truly can have it all, we are happy to help you hand-pick so that your experience is the best possible for you, because it's all tailor-made you can choose where to splurge or save.  Between enjoying some of the most exciting safaris at Yala you can be relaxing in a beautiful resort styled lodge, even walking on a sandy beach and basking by the pool, at the Cinnamon Wild but even when staying at a more modest property in 'Tissa' you will be pleasantly surprised. As in India we like to seek out smaller properties where you can count on a more personalised welcome, an unrivalled location and enjoy some excellent local cuisine, for example Rangala House near Kandy and the Spice House in Mirissa. Camping is an exciting option but we appreciate it is not right for everyone, locations such as Kalu's at Uda Waalwe and the Boulder Garden at Sinharaja prove that you don't have to risk roughing it to get close to nature on your Sri Lanka safari.

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