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An exciting wildlife destination without the long-haul - Andalucia is surprisingly rich in wildlife and home to an estimated 70% of the world population of the endangered Iberian Lynx (just 150 individuals in the wild).  The Sierra de Adujar mountains in Northern Andalucia not only offer the chance for sightings of the Iberian Lynx, but also Spanish Ibex, Moufflon, Imperial Eagle and Golden Eagle, amongst a number of other specialities.  The 'nearby' Sierra de Cazorla has been the site of successful reintroduction of Lammergeier (Bearded Vulture), but is best known for the thriving Ibex population drawn to the diverse plant life including 100 species endemic to Andalucia and in turn supporting an impressive array of other herbivores and bird species.

For Iberian Wolf a trip to the Sierra de Culebra, in north western Spain towards the border with Portugal, may yield sightings of one of Europe's rarest mammals, but this area has numerous other highlights - in particular Great Bustard and Little Bustard, as well as raptors ranging from Egyptian Vulture to Merlin and Montagu's Harrier.

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