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Madagascar Park Profiles

I think it helps the traveller to divide Madagascar into regions and to provide some 'must see' highlights in each of these locations. Then in a bespoke manner, the visitor can pick and choose the various highlights they would like to include in their tailor-made Madagascar wildlife holiday and we can provide informed feedback on how this can all be brought together, as one incredible Madagascar safari.

The North

There is probably no part of Madagacar as rich and diverse as the North; but it can also present some logistical challenges when organising wildlife safaris, as the flight schedule from Air Madagascar, can be irregular and irratic. It is home to Madagascars highest peak - Maromokotro - amd the weather and rainfall can alter dramatically in realatively short distances. Recently it has become know as a great location for small scale beach resorts and villas, so after trekking in the steamy jungles you can enjoy some great chill out time at a very affordable price.

National Parks you must visit: Montagne D'Ambre NP and Ankarana NP

Species watch: Crowned and Sanford's Brown Lemurs. Cave dwelling Crocs!

Unique accommodation: Domaine de Fontenay

The North East

Despite the difficulty to reach here - a consequence of poor roads and an unreliable Air Madagascar connection between the capital and Maroantsetra - this beautiful part of Madagascar; with the famous Masoala Peninsula amd Nosy Mangabe showcasing the best of the remaining eastern rainforest; is a must visit for wildlife and nature lovers. You will find that some of the trails and activities require a higher level of fitness and fortitude.

National Parks you must visit: Masoala NP, Nosy Mangabe and Aye-Aye Island

Species watch: Red Ruffed Lemur, Bernier's Vangas and Scaly ground-roller

Unique accommodation: Tampo Lodge

East to West (class RN7 road trip!)

Taking 2 weeks to travel between the coasts will provide you with incredible diversity and visits to a huge number of stunning wildlife hotspots in Madagacar; while avoiding any delays due to the erratic Air Madagascar schedule, or poor quality roads. You will travel from Montane Forest in the east, to sandstone canyons in the centre and then finally visit 'Spiny Forest' in the west - stunning! We are travelling on this exact route, as part of our October small group Madagascar Safari.

National Parks you must visit: Andasibe, Ranomfana, Isalo and Ifaty

Species watch: Red Ruffed Lemur, Bernier's Vangas and Scaly ground-roller

Unique accommodation: Tampo Lodge

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