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Kenya Park Profiles

​Where to go on your Kenya Safari

Masai Mara: The legend that is the Mara is high on any wildlife lovers wish list when it comes to planning the ultimate Kenya safari. One of the best locations in Africa to see all the three of the continents big cats and a park with a rich history of excellent game lodges, superb guides and charasmatic wildlife that have stared in more films than most Hollywood stars. To travel through the reserve during the wildebeest migration in late August/September is one of natures most stunning experiences and don't be surprised to see the same photographers and wildlife enthusiasts coming back year after year to their beloved Mara. Some of the ldoges charge a high premium for the migration season, so Wildlife Trails who are always searching for good deals for our clients, are big fans of the Mara Triangle and the various scenic private camps that can be booked with enough careful forward planning. This allows the more adventerous travellers to self-drive and camp or travel in a pre-booked vehicle with expert driver/guide; again self-camping and enjoying the sounds of the bush as you sleep under the stars. The Mara river, the major obstacle to the wildebeest, is full of hippos and huge expectant crocodiles and is a great place to drive along waiting for the first group of animals to attempt the perilous crossing. The migration season is a well known spectacle throughout the world, so why not consider coming earlier or later to experience less safari vehicles and still an abundance of wild

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