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Best Indian wildlife lodges White tiger resort, Bandhavgarh

  • best india wildlife lodges white tiger resort Bandhavgarh national park

As travellers and lovers of Indian wildlife lodges since 1997, we are always respectful of the history of a property, as when we visited these parks during the 90's, often only 2 or 3 wildlife lodges existed. White tiger lodge is owned by MP tourism – which some may see as a negative – and has existed since the 80's. It has a superb location next to the core area of Bandhavgarh tiger sanctuary and a charming manager and staff extra keen to ensure you have a comfortable stay (well they were for us in June 2014!).

White tiger resort has an interesting outlay, with some of the cottage reached by a metal aerial walkway, which takes you to perfectly comfortable, but simple en-suite rooms with AC and simple amenities. This walkway looks down onto a central lawn area and from here you can walk around to the pool and a raised Machan, which looks out onto some beautiful forest and a dry river bed. There is a magnificent Banyan tree within the grounds, where you can relax from the heat of the sun. For the budget traveller this is a great option and with these less formal Indian wildlife lodges, you have a more relaxed and enjoyable interaction with the local staff and can save your money for extra tiger safaris.

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