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Best Indian wildlife lodges Svasara Resort, Tadoba

  • best india wildlife lodges savsara resort Tadoba national park

Best Indian wildlife loges

A welcoming small scale lodge which attracts many repeat clients, including some great Indian photographers with a real passion for Tadoba and its amazing wildlife, who are a pleasure to spend time with. The lodge has easy access to two of the main entrance gates into the park and given the relatively small number of jeeps permitted through each gate - for the morning and afternoon tiger safaris, it pays to have the resident professional staff take care of all your safari needs.

When we visited in June 2014 we noted good progress with the tree replanting taking place in the extensive grounds and nice touches such as remote cameras at the small waterhole which will bring enjoyment to regular safari goers and first timers alike.

The food is enjoyable and varied and the stand alone outside dining area/bar is good for both video presentations of wildlife documentaries as well as a relaxing spot to enjoy your food and watch the night skies.

Rooms have more of a resort feel than a jungle lodge, with all the comforts of a high end hotel; the quality of the bedding and bathrooms was particularly noticable

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