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Best Indian wildlife lodges Muba Resort, Kanha

  • Best india wildlife lodges Muba resort kanha national park

Just arriving at Muba resort and wallking to the open plan reception is a great experience, its all rickty wooden bridges crossing natural bubbling streams and all around giant trees provide shade and refuge to a multitude of different bird species. The accommodation is very varied and mixed; a hotpotch of neat, simply one story cottages, newly built tribal style mud huts in their own private grounds and older cottages with viewign decks in need of a little attention. Ultimately I think the Muba resort at Kanha will evolve to something closer to their property at Nagzira; where the cottages are built in relatively private spaces in an elevated positon to maximise the views of the magnificent forest. Not many Indian wildlife lodges have so many mature trees still standing, so this is a strong selling point for the real wildlifer!

When we visited in June 2014 we were struck by the young,energetic staff and managers and the wonderful location this less well known lodge stood in. The owner and the person behind the design and ethos of the Muba resorts is a Doctor and clearly a man who understands the need to conserve the forest first and then blend in the accommodation to fit in with the surrounding. Yes one or two of the older rooms could be improved, but if you stay in one of the newer cottages, you will really enjoy this beautiful setting. There are also lots of little walking trails for birders and wildlife enthusiasts, some of which lead to larg waterholes or Machans which look over dry river beds and thick mature forest. One of the best Indian wildlife lodges for those on a budget and looking for a genuine wildlife experience.

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