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Best Indian wildlife lodges Ken river lodge, Panna

  • Best India wildlife lodge ken river lodge panna national park

When you have been involved in wildlife tourism since the early 80's and build the first incarnation of Ken River Lodge at the same time, you are probably going to be more aware than most, about what works and what doesn’t.

The first thing that strikes you about Ken river lodge when you arrive by car, is the thickness of the patch of forest in which it was built and the charming approach by a small wooden foot bridge which takes you towards the main lodge. It is there, where the real wow factor hits you, as you view a Machan or tree-house which soars above the Ken River itself, providing spectacular views and an outside dining area that compares with any lodge in India.

However, Ken river lodge is more than just great design and magical location, it is a vision from one of the most respected couples in wildlife, who had to completely rebuild their lives, when a huge flood in 2006 left them with literally nothing. When they rebuilt the property they took it to the next level and it is still our favourite lodge in Panna.

As well as the daily morning and afternoon jeep safaris, the lodge has its own boats (no engines), which can be gently paddled to nearby islands for a romantic candle lit dinner or simply to enjoy some great birding

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