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Best Indian wildlife lodges Kanha jungle lodge

  • best india wildlife lodges kanha jungle lodge kanha national park

The owners of Kanha jungle lodge have a rich history directly connected to origional Project Tiger initiative to save India's tigers from extinction. Back in the early 1970's Kailash Sankala (grandfather of the current owner, Amit Sankala) was one of a handful of prominant scientists and advisors who met with the conservation minded Indira Ghandi and earmarked several reserves all over India (including Kanha) for tiger sanctuary status. His son Pradeep Sankala founded Kanha and Bandhavgarh jungle lodges in 1987 with the concept to minimise the disturbance of the buffer forest during construction and provide a quality of interpretation and eco-tourism that was not even a known concept back then. That is still evidently clear when you walk from your jeep through the heavily wooded grounds to your forest bungalow, watching spotted deer or wild boar feed near the safety of the lodge.

The managers of Kanha jungle lodge are two of the most delightful people you can meet in Indian wildlife tourism and it really does feel like a 'home from home' as Taron talks you through the maps of Kanha and the territories of the resident tigers, while Dimple is in the garden following her passion for butterfly identification or selecting fresh herbs for dinner that night. Taron's knowledge of Kanha is unrivalled and since most of our guests spend 3 to 4 nights there, you can come away with an insight into this beautiful park, that few other visitors will experience.

Whether you are a 'tiger nut', birder, passionate about butterflies or even reptiles; a stay at Kanha jungle lodge will nourish that interest, with expert guides, wonderful food and accommodation where you really do feel connected with the landscape. For sure Kanha jungle lodge is one of the best Indian wildlife lodges to stay in.

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