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Best Indian wildlife lodges, Flame of the Forest, Kanha

  • Best Indian wildlife lodges flame of the forest

Our experience of visiting Indian national parks for nearly 20 years has been that when a certain tiger sanctuary starts to attract tourists the best Indian wildlife lodges are the ones that seek their own path and do not conform to the commom designs, which sprout up along the extensive buffer zones of the park. These wildlife lodges may take longer to design and implement, but once complete attract a knowledgable following amonst those clients looking for a different take on the more standard India safari experience.

We also applaud the owners for their commitment to make one of the lodges accessible and wheelchair friendly and we genuinly want to encourage more of our accommodation partners to do the same.

All visitors coming to the Flame of the Forest will be struck by the beautiful and peaceful location and the almost hypnotic and calming affect of the river which gentle flows through the camp. They wil alsol be impressed by the beauty of the individual wooden cottages and the way they have been sculpted into the landscape to maximise the view. The property is not about 5 star luxury or wide screen TV's; more a comfortable well designed interior which reflects the natural surroundings it is immersed in. Maybe the true and more natural experience is a walk around the lodges grounds than a visit to the park in search of the tiger!

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