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Best Indian wildlife lodges, Aman-i-Khas, Ranthambhore

  • Best Indian wildlife lodges Aman-i-Khas
  • best india wildlife lodges Aman-i-Khas Ranthambhore national park
  • Best India wildlife lodges Aman-i-Khas interior
  • Best Indian wildlife lodge Aman-i-Khas exterior

Like its close neighbour (not too close!) Sherbagh, the location alone of Aman-i-khas is a big advantage over most of its high end competitors in Ranthambhore. You drive in through a charming rural location to reach a green oasis of re-planted trees surrounded by rolling hills and small temples.

As well as the huge luxury tents which take 'wilderness camping' to a whole new level, you have the large landscaped gardens, huge stone patio with 'fire cauldron' and large water hole; which all give a scale and grandeur to this most regal of tented camps in India. If you are looking for a luxury India wildlife tour and your tiger safari is going to include a visit to Ranthambhore - where money is no object - then we feel the Aman-i-khas experience is going to meet your expecations and also give you a connection to a very beautiful part of Ranthambhore; with its prime location just outside the national park boundary.

As well as the famous tiger safaris inside one of the most photogenic parks in India, the management at Aman-i-Khas have always tried to include genuine local attractions which will add to the visitors overall experience. Nearby there are some beautiful rivers and old forts which you will visit; so whether its a boat safari on the clean waters of the River Banas; or a visit into Old Sawai Madhopur, with its charming narrow lanes and unique small shops, you are sure to enjoy your stay in Ranthambhore as guests of Aman-i-Khas and the Aman group.

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