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India Wildlife Lodges

Discover some of the extaordinary wildlife lodges we use on our India safaris and tours.

Best Indian wildlife lodges Infinity resort Bandhavgarh

We first experienced the Infinity resort concept in Corbett back in 1999. They also have a wildlife lodge in Bandhavgarh which we visited in June 2014. Located very close to the park boundary and with a real wilderness feel.

Best Indian wildlife lodges Kanha jungle lodge

The best Indian wildlife lodge? We rated Kanha Jungle Ldoge as exactly that, in our blog about the Top 5 Indian wilderness lodges and for sure it is the property and the people who run it, who are constantly receiving high praise from our clients and repeat bookings.

Best Indian wildlife lodges Muba Resort, Kanha

Forget about 5 start resorts and infinity pools! If you are here in India to see wildlife and stay in a lodge where the grounds make you feel like you are in the jungle; then Muba Resort (should be called Jungle Lodge!) is the best Indian wildlife lodge for you!

Best Indian wildlife lodges Samode safari lodge, Bandhavgarh

Wildife Trails stayed at Samode safari lodge in June 2014 and we have to say that this lodge is now the most luxurious lodge in Bandhavgarh national park. The location of the lodge itself is quite remote and even a night time return to the lodge can be considered a safari!

Best Indian wildlife lodges Svasara Resort, Tadoba

Boutique style luxury rooms and a wildlife lodge with a long term plan to reforest the extensive grounds with a huge variety of native trees. This is a well run property with passionate owners and good wildlife guides; who currently set the bench mark in Tadoba for professionally run tiger safaris.

Best Indian wildlife lodges Tiger Den resort, Bandhavgarh

Tiger Den is one of many mid-range wildlife lodges to be found in Bandhavgarh national park; many of which, tend to employ more local people and have a natural easy going manner when it comes to service - not so formal as some of the more top end lodges. So from our own visits and our clients we would pick out Tiger Den as the best of the mid-range lodges

Best Indian wildlife lodges Tree House Hideaway, Bandhavgarh

Really unique concept for Bandhavgarh tiger sanctuary. Brought to live with real passion, attention to detail and a true wilderness concept right next to the park. For us, currently (we visited in June 2014) the most authentic and interesting lodge for those looking for a true wilderness feel.

Best Indian wildlife lodges White tiger resort, Bandhavgarh

Many of the simpler Indian wildlife lodges such as White tiger resort punch above their weight. Yes the staff may not all speak perfect English (because most of them are from local villages); but with their warm smiles, a desire to ensure your stay is memorable and great location, this is a great wildlife lodge for clients on a budget.

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