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India tiger safari, Nagzira - The magic of its Wild Dog packs!


India tiger safari - Wild Dogs and Tigers fight it out in Nagzira tiger sanctuary

Nagzira tiger sanctuary is not very well known in India or worldwide, but it is one of the most important forests in central India, as it links, via forest corridors, the key tiger reserves of Pench and Tadoba. Although not a large forest compared to its more famous neighbours, it is home to 3 packs of wild dogs (also known as Dhole) which are a delight to observe within the park. One of the packs reached a size of 20 individuals and it is this particular family that this wildlife story is about.

India tiger safari in Nagzira tiger sanctuary

Recently during the summer one of the members of this huge pack of wild dogs came to a waterhole to drink; unfortunately this was the preferred drinking spot of a female tigress and she was very quick to chase the interloper away. As is quite common with African hunting dogs as well, the young member of the pack came back mob handed, with the full support of his family of 20 behind him. However maybe because she had cubs nearby, the arrival of the wild dogs provoked a furious reaction from the tigress and in the fight that ensured, she killed 4 members of the family before they made a hasty retreat.

Best time to see tigers in Nagzira tiger sanctuary?

Personally we would not promote Nagzira too much as a tiger location, as it is only fair to clients that they have realistic expectations when they come to India on a tiger safari. However as we found out for ourselves during our 30 day wildlife tour of India in June 2014, it is a very convenient location to stop of if combining Pench or Kanha national parks with Tadoba.

There are tigers in Nagzira but currently (as of July 2014) sightings are not common. Currently the park has an in balance with regards to the sex of tigers within the park, with too many males and not enough female tigers. This means that some of the male tigers make the decision to move onto other connected tiger sanctuaries which afford better prospects for producing their offspring.

What wildlife you will see in Nagzira?

As mentioned earlier this park has 3 packs of wild dogs which are sighted regularly. In addition from March onwards Sloth Bear and Leopard sightings become more common and the birding in the park is truly excellent. During the winter months from November to February many migratory birds swell the parks avian population and then during the summer you can enjoy the sight of paradise flycatchers and barbets.

Best wildlife lodges to stay in Nagzira tiger sanctuary>

Currently, there are only a couple of mid-range options to stay in when visiting Nagzira and our overwhelming favourite is Muba Jungle Lodge. Its hard to imagine a better functional (not aesthetic) design to maximise your wildlife experience at Nagzira. A long elevated board walk connects a small number of wooden bungalows which look directly out (via small balconies) to prime Indian forest, provides bird watchers with a perfect location to enjoy the sounds and sights of the jungle. This board walk also surrounds a large man made waterhole which attracts many water birds and even the odd bold mammal as the summer reduces other water holes nearby.

So why not follow the path less travelled and book your India tiger safari to Nagzira national park?

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