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India tiger safari, Kanha - Should I visit the Kisli or Mukki gate?


India tiger safari to Kanha national park

Kanha national park has been one of the favourite destinations for our clients since we started our tiger safaris there back in 2000. Several of our clients return year after year for a chance to glimpse one of the many famous tigers who have called this beautiful forest home.

India tiger safari in Kanha national park: The tigers who dominate the sanctuary!

When we took our latest tiger safari to Kanha in June 2014, we were keen to hear all about some of the current tigers who dominate this landscape with their beauty and ability to survive against all odds.

One such tiger is the magnificent 'Munna' whose territory covers the northern range of the park. Easily identified by the famous 'CAT' marking on his forehead; he dominates an area of around 100 sq km, in which he has fathered many cubs by numerous tigresses. Such dominant males, much like strong ancient kings, ensure a level of stability in their personal kingdom, due to their ability to keep rival males away who would threaten the many young cubs growing up.

A famous tigress of Kanha national park and one often spotted during clients tiger safaris is 'Badi Mada'; one of the major breeding females of Kanha over the last 10 years. In August 2012 she gave birth to 2 cubs and despite only having one canine, managed to be such a successful hunter that she brought all 4 cubs through to adulthood.

Another famous tiger of Kanha is 'Gaur Singh'; given this name for his love of killing Gaur which are plentiful in this park. If you have ever seen Indian Bison (Gaur) at close quarters you will know that this animal, especially the males, needs a large tiger to be able to take it down.

If you are planning a tiger safari in India, then why not visit Kanha national park and enjoy a special encounter with one of these beautiful wild tigers which roams the beautiful Sal forests of the park.

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