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Family Indian Wildlife Tour with Agra Ranthambhore and Ramathra Fort

9 days from £1440*


We all like something for free, don’t we?

Wildlife Trails has listened to its clients over the last few years and come up with a couple of freebies which we hope will make that special trip just a little sweeter!

Firstly, we send all our clients a book relevant to the destination they are traveling to. For example, every client who has visited India with us since 1999 has received either a mammal or bird identification book for the country. For our new clients, we are offering the opportunity for them to either select a book from our ‘recommended reading list’, or choose their own particular favourite up to a value of £20 per trip (1 or 2 travelers) or two books for a group of four or more - just ask!

Secondly, we can provide a free local sim card to all our travelers (one for each group) to use when they are traveling in their destination country. This card will be pre-loaded with an amount of approximately £20 credit. We recognise that many people traveling may be concerned about older relatives or loved ones, so this service allows them to keep in touch, without the shock of a large bill on their return home. Please note, this local sim will only work with unlocked mobiles, but can be supplied with a basic handset - again just ask!

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* Based on 2 persons and not including flights

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