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India wildlife holiday visiting Pench National Park

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The tiger population has increased rapidly since our visit in 2007 and tiger viewing should be very good here over the next few years.. This is largely due to the extended family of Big Mother, star, with her 4 cubs, of ‘Spy in the Jungle’, a series shown on BBC, which was being filmed on our previous visit. She has since had two more litters of 2 cubs each, one current. In addition, one of her daughters has a current litter of 2 cubs and her other daughter, who we christened Little Mother, has had one litter of 4 cubs, all of which have survived to adulthood, and another, current litter of 5 cubs. We had 3 sightings of Little Mother, including glimpses of 2 cubs, 1 sighting of Big Mother and, separately, one of her cubs. Prabil Patil was again our excellent naturalist and guide.  Pench used to be good for leopard sightings but these are less frequent since the increase in tiger population. We stayed again at Pench Jungle Camp in very spacious, clean and comfortable accommodation.

by Alan, London, visited Kanha, Pench, Tadoba and Assam on

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