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India – Small Group Tours

Small group Bandhavgarh Tigers

7 days from £1330*

'Tiger week' -7 jeep safaris in a park that is just exploding at the moment with tiger action, handpicked a specialist local naturalist to accompany all safaris (March 2020).

Snow Leopard safari in the Spiti Valley

13 days from £1990*

Hardcore Snow Leopard safari in the Spiti Valley, Only suitable for people with high fitness levels who can handle long days in the snow and cold conditions at altitude. The rewards are the chance to photograph Snow Leopards up close and personal and less other visitors due to the physical demands of the trip. challenges

Himalayan Brown Bear safaris

9 days from £2475*

Chance to see one of the rarest bears on earth, as we head into beautiful Ladakh in search of the elusive Himalayan Bear. You will stay in a comfortable homestay with western facilities and enjoy four full days of moderate trekking; looking to find and photograph this beautiful Apex Predator.

Rajasthan Wildlife with Ranthambhore and Taj Mahal

15 days from £2880*

Small group departure (now available as a bespoke journey), including the 'must-see' Golden Triangle, jeep safaris at Ranthambhore and an off the beaten track exploration of Rajasthan, using expert local guides.

Wild Dogs magic in Nagerhole during the Monsoon

10 days from £2750*

The Indian Monsoon is one of the best times to see Wild Dogs and their pups. Also excellent for Leopards and a slight chance to see the amazing Black Panther; who we photographed in March 2018.

Pallas Cat denning safari in Mongolia

10 days from £3850*

Incredible opportunity to observe and photograph one of the rarest small cats in the world from an exclusive specialist hide. With an extension to Hustai national park to photograph the Przewalski’s wild horses.

Primates, Rhinos and Hornbills India wildlife holiday

16 days from £3490*

We promise you the most spectacular, wildlife focused tour ever put together for North East India, with a guide who will never stop working to ensure you maximize your wildlife encounters. We have put together visits to two World Heritage sites in Kaziranga and Manas, combined with stunning 'off the beaten track' locations, such as the Gibbon sanctuary, Pakke and Nameri - to bring you Rhino, Elephants, Hoolock Gibbons, Golden Langur and Hornbills galore.

Black Panther wildlife tour and safari

8 days from £2710*

Is it really possible to see the legendary Black Panther in the beautiful jungles of South India? Normally the answer is clearly no and in national parks with high tiger densities, it is difficult to see a 'normal' leopard, let alone a Melanistic one. However, on a previous trip to India, I bumped into a wildlife guide who has spent the last few years working in and around Nagerhole national park. At this very moment, there is a male Black Panther who is a real expert at making spotted deer kills and despite some fights with other male resident leopards, managing to hold his own in a territory with rich prey density.

Tadoba national park safari for photographers

7 days from £1910*

We have designed this tiger safari at Tadoba national park specifically for keen wildlife photographers. Not only are you staying at the best India wildlife lodge in Tadoba to access two different entrance gates, we also limit the number of photographers in each jeep to 3 and enjoy a total of 10 jeep safaris inside the park

Snow Leopard safari in Ladakh

13 days from £3590*

Snow Leopard safari designed for comfort, not hardship. Located in the small community of Ulley and staying in local community hardships; you are right in the middle of some of the best Snow Leopard habitat in the Himalayas.

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