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Wildlife tour of India in the blazing heat of summer!


India wildlife tour in the scorching summer heat -Why would you do that?

Indian wildlife holiday during the summer - what do expect!

An India wildlife tour during the months of April, May and June is not for everyone and believe us we speak from experience; after multiple visits to India during the summer months! So why do so many photographers, tiger lovers and film makers choose this challenging period to visit India's finest tiger sanctuaries? The answer lies in the simple chemical compound, consisting of one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms, that nothing on this earth can survive without .

Even if the Indian Monsoon was a good one and heavy downpours continued into September, by April, most of India's national parks will have experienced 6 months of no rain. Of course both plants and animals life in this huge and diverse country have various strategies to deal with this sustained drought, but some wildlife is more susceptible to the harsh heat than others. Many of our clients on our Indian wildlife tours have observed thirsty fatigued langur monkeys, deer and even jackal sucumb to a surprise attack by a leopard or tiger. Tigers to have their difficulties in the very hottest months and it is noticable how many national parks in India have man made water holes to allow tigers to both drink and bathe in the cooling waters.

This heat may be uncomfortable for human visitors to the tiger sanctuaries, but once you have aclimitised after the first few days on tiger safari you soon start to appreciate the stunning opportunities for photography and big cat observation. In particular a tigress and her cubs will need to stay close to these life giving water holes and it is not uncommon to be able to follow a tiger family (with as many as 5 individuals) from day to day during your summer Indian tiger safari. This is indeed a privilige for any wildlife lover; but add to this the opportunistic hunting that takes place close to the water and the occasional confrontations caused by apex predators such as Sloth Bear, Tiger and Wild Dog (Dhole) having to use the same drinking hole and you have a wildife 'soap opera' unfolding before your eyes in all its spectacular glory.

So pack that extra large hat, buy yourself some quality wrap around 'sunnies', slap on the 30+ sunscreen and get yourself out to India during the heat of summer and enjoy an India wildlife tour that will live long in the memory.

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