Covid-19 Promise

We understand that while you want to book that dream safari holiday and continue with your passion for wildlife, wilderness and photography; booking a holiday at the moment feels daunting and complicated. It is our responsibility at Wildlife Trails to break through these obstacles and to adapt our own booking conditions to provide you with increased protection, flexibility and peace of mind.

1) Flexible Deposits

We have already reduced our deposit requirement to 20% and for some of our safaris with more cultural content, we can reduce it further on request.

2) Refundable Deposits

Your deposit will be 100% refundable up until we request your balance payment (see below). Our whole approach for all our Wildlife Trails clients will be to avoid any loss of monies due to travel restrictions caused by Covid-19. We have successfully done this in 2020 for all our clients and they have appreciated our transparent and flexible approach.

3) Flexible Balance Payments

Having been through the Pandemic and received great online reviews from our clients about the way we have handled both refunds and postponements, we have come through this stronger and better informed about handling final balance payments. From March 2020 we took no further balance payments and left all decisions on whether a holiday could go ahead as late as possible. This provided peace of mind to our clients and showed great flexibility from both Wildlife Trails and our travel partners all around the world. This means that the date of your final balance payment is not locked in stone and would actually be the time when we would look in great detail at the global situation with travel and the pandemic. If there was concern, that date would be pushed back as late as possible.

4) Insurance for Contracting Covid-19 While on Holiday

Wildlife Trails has always remained independent from the travel insurance industry, for reasons I am sure many regular travellers understand. However, it is very important that during the current pandemic that we are well informed about the options on the market and what would be most suitable for our valued clients. This advice is given freely and is based on quality feedback from many of the more than 100 travel specialists who are members of AITO (Association Independent tour operators). It is a condition of travel with Wildlife Trails, that all our clients have comprehensive travel insurance in place. There are several insurance companies now specialising in providing Covid-19 insurance, but it is crucial that you understand what that cover includes/precludes.

Apart from these special exceptions for Covid-19 related reasons, our standard terms and conditions apply, and you will find them here