Kenya wildlife safari in Samburu – our tips for safari bliss

Kenya wildlife safari. Photo of a cheetah in Samburu national reserve.

Personal recommendations from our visit to Samburu in 2024, key facts about Samburu, best Samburu lodges to suit your budget, the key wildlife species you will see, and how to organize your safari from Nairobi to Samburu with no stressful traveling and more time on safari.

We also discuss budget and luxury Samburu safaris and the best time of year to visit Samburu. This is one of our best short wildlife guides to Samburu and will be very helpful with your personal trip planning

Kenya wildlife safari – the best Kenya parks, where to stay and key species

Kenya wildlife safari. Photo of a leopard

Kenya is famous around the world for the chance to see the Big 5 and the famous Wildebeest River crossings, which overwhelm you, with the sounds and sights of thousands of tens of thousands of animals running down the steep sided riverbanks and plunging into the crocodile infested waters. We were there in September 2023 and were lucky enough to witness a huge crossing and it is an experience that will live with us for the rest of our lives.

The Black Panther – a mythical animal that connects us with our ancient past.

Black Panther wildlife tour. Photo of Black Panther in the moonlight

As I prepared to visit Laikipia wildlife sanctuary in September 2023 for another potential encounter with this stunning feline – this time a female known as Giza – I found myself asking what it is that draws humans towards these melanistic variants and how has it manifested in our behaviour towards them over the centuries and indeed, millennia?

Best Botswana Camping Safaris 2023

African wild dog seen in Savuti on our Botswana camping safari

We believe Botswana safaris should be less expensive, so we have created our full service camping safaris to keep costs low, while not diminishing the wildlife experience.