Best Borneo Rainforest Lodges To Stay In

Many clients when planning their Borneo Tour want to build an itinerary around the best Borneo Rainforest Lodges; which because of their locations and reputation for good guides attract wildlife enthusiasts and photographers alike.

Small Wild Cat Nocturnal Safari in Deramakot and Kinabatagan

As we write this article in July 2020, we can say that with some confidence Dermakot wildlife reserve in northern Borneo is one of the best locations to see small wild cats in the whole of Asia. This is a combination of ideal habitat, extensive research and the huge amount of time spent on night drives within the reserve – the harder you work, the luckier you get. Genuine chances to see Clouded Leopard – Tarsier – Slow Loris – Leopard Cat and Marbled Cat

Rare Mammals and Birds of Borneo

Borneo is one of the best locations in asia for both specialist birds and mammals and our hand picked naturalists are genuine experts in all wildlife viewing; not just the charismatic larger mammals. Before travel we will provide you with a birding and mammal list and by includig several day in Mount Kinabalu national park, we increase our chances of spotting rare endemics, like the Whitehead’s Trogon, Whitehead’s Broadbill and Borneo Green Magpie.

How to See the Komodo Dragons in an Ethical Fashion

Komodo Dragons have fascinated visitors to the beautiful islands of Komodo and Rinca for hundreds of years, but now for the first time, we are faced with a ‘tourism threat’ to the largest lizards on the planet and any ethical tour operator needs to be careful in how they both promote and organise Komodo and Rinca tours.

The Glory of Wild Sabah

When you combine Dermakot, Kinabatangan and Danum Valley within the same Borneo safari, you are without doubt looking at the most diverse and wildlife rich tour itinerary possible in Sabah.