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Puma safari near Torres del Paine national park

6 days from £3575*

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It is always important to speak to the local experts when planning the timing of a big cat safari and this is exactly what Wildlife Trails did when planning this excitng small group Puma safari to Chile. We are working with one of the origional founders of Puma tracking in Torres del Paine, who has his finger on the pulse when it comes to planning wildlife tours which will maximise encounters with Puma's and other wildlife. He told us that not only is the Puma action in Chile during Spring (October/November) superb, but the scenery and vegetation is at its best and you have many more hours of daylight to enjoy it compared to March. So for our first foray into Puma tracking in South America we have picked the last week of November to visit the famous Torres del Paine national park. Although it should be noted that Puma safaris and tracking is not actually allowed in the park itself at the moment, due to the local authorities wanting to establish clear guidelines for the way that this magnificent cat is tracked and photographed - quite right in our book. So currently the Puma tracking takes place on private ranch lands just outside the main national park and should always be conducted by experienced local guides who know how to approach the cats in a sensitive and ethical manner. Pumas in Chile are a great attraction to wildlife photographers from around the world, but we want to ensure that this relatively new industry is managed in the correct manner for wildlife and local people alike.


This is a Small Group Tour

  1. Oct 16

    Morning pick up at Punta Arenas Airport (ideally 9-11am arrival) when you will meet your expert guide and naturalist who will transfer you 2-3 hours to Puerto Natales. We will stop for lunch before continuing our journey to ‘Las Torres Hotel’; which we will reach around 4.00pm. We will enjoy our firsr Puma tracking safari late that afternoon

  2. Oct 17

    Our daily routine will consist of early starts (04:30am), where we wil caryy breakfast with us and connect with the other trackers who are part of our team. We will commincate by radio so we can cover more area searching for the Pumas and other resident wildlife. These activities do not take place inside Torres del Paine national park, as currently there is a ban on tracking pumas until they properly regulate the industry, but instead on nearby private ranch land which has a high density of these beautiful cats. We end the morning safari activities around 11:00am for some down time, downloading photos, enjoy lunch and wait until around 4.00pm to head out again. This can be a golden period for Puma activity, so we will stay out as long as the light holds. One of the reasons to visit this area in November is to maximise daylight hours, so although the day is split into two; expect 10-12 hours out in the field which can be tiring for some.

  3. Oct 18

    As a reference point we can mention a list of ‘potential’ wildlife that can be seen around Torres del Paine. These could include Guanaco, Grey Fox, Red Fox, Haired Armadillo, Hognose Skunk, Puma, Condor, Fisher, Crested Caracara, Austral Parakeet, Black Chested buzzard eagle and many varities of Duck. We continue our long days in the field. reacting to information from our tracker, weather and where the latest Puma sightings have been.

  4. Oct 19

    Full out in the field looking for the elusive Puma and enjoying the stunning scenery all around us

  5. Oct 20

    Full out in the field looking for the elusive Puma and enjoying the stunning scenery all around us

  6. Oct 21

    Final sunrise at our hotel followed by transfer to Puerto Natales where we will enjoy a final lunch together before driving back to Punta Arenas airport.


Cost £3575 per person based on four people sharing two double/twin rooms and not including international or domestic flights.

Maximum group size of 6 travellers.

If you would like to extend the tour to 8 days - with 6 full days of Puma observation - then the cost will be £4900 per person based on two people sharing.

All meals included, except breakfast Day 1 and dinner Day 6.

Optional extensions to see King penguins in Tierra del Fuego and Rockhopper penguins, Comersoni dolphins and more marine wildlife on the Argentinian coast can be quoted for on request.

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* Based on 2 persons and not including flights

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