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Photograph the Killer Whales of Patagonia

8 days from £3130*

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The Orcas of Valdes

Orcas have been observed hunting around the Cape of Punta Norte since 1976. Two male orcas, named Bernardo and Mel, taught the whole population how to successfully catch sea lion pups off the beach, a technique that is now transferred from generation to generation. Nowadays, up to 13 resident orcas showcase their sophisticated hunting skills, as they pursue young sea lion pups playing on the beaches. If you have ever seen footage of such an attack, it was without doubt filmed at Punta Norte, on a 50 meter wide so-called ‘attack channel’. This area is not accessible for tourists. Only photographers or filmmakers with a special government permit are allowed to enter this area.


This is a Small Group Tour

  1. March 30

    Arrive at Trelew Airport where you will be transferred to Puerto Pirámides and overnight at a mid-range hotel.

  2. March 31-April 5

    Early morning approximately one-hour drive across the peninsula to set up our equipment at the attacking channel at Punta Norte. You have to arrive there three hours before the highest level of high tide and stay there another three hours after the high tide. During this period the travel group is in contact with the researchers of the orca-project and with the nature conservation authority of the province of Chubut. When orcas are sighted by the observers, the researchers of PNOR (Punta Norte Orca Research) receive the details of the animals’ locations by radio. Then the individuals will be tried to identify. From the beach you observe the activities of the orcas. Very often you can watch the orcas patrolling the beach in order to check if young sea lion pups are playing in the surf. What everybody is really waiting for is the chance to observe the orcas when they are using their spectacular hunting techniques to catch a pup off the beach which is called an “intentional stranding” by researchers.

  3. April 6

    In case of high tide in the morning you again observe the orcas from the attacking channel. Transfer to the Trelew airport in the evening for your onward flight.


Cost £3130 per person based on two people sharing a room throughout. Cost does not include international flights.

Maximum Group Size of 8

Includes breakfast only at the hotel in Puerto Pirámides

Single Person supplement: £400 per person


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* Based on 2 persons and not including flights

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