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Best Canadian Wilderness Lodges, Tweedsmuir Lodge

  • Best Canadian wildlife lodges Tweedsmuir

We have been visiting Tweedsmuir Lodge since 2003, when our North American manager, James Manson, spent 3 months on an epic Canada wildlife tour and flw into the Bella Coola valley from Vancouver. What struck him first was the stunning location of the property, the friendly staff and the amazing food served up by Carol and the lovely kitchen staff. What was even more exciting for us and our clients, was that with the guidance of the local expert wildlife guides, it was possible to take self-guided walking bear safaris through bear safaris just a short distance from the lodge. In fact, sometimes you did not have to leave your stunning wilderness cabin; as a mother and her cubs would be grazing on the grass right in front of your wooden deck. So just sit back, crack open a beer, have your camera at hand and enjoy the amazing view of a female grizzly feeding just 20 metres away!

A big part of the grizzly bear safari at Tweedsmuir are the lesuirely river drifts

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