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Stay at Grizzly Bear Lodge and visit Knight Inlet

6 days from £2490*

Canada wildlife tour spring grizzly bear viewing

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A Canada wildlife holiday for those who want to avoid the more crowded mainstream lodges near world-famous Knight Inlet. Wildlife Trails has worked with the beautifully located Grizzly Bear Lodge for more than 10 years and the feedback from our clients about this intimate lodge has always been superb. The lodge only has a capacity of 5 rooms/cabins, so the total number of people staying here is about 25% compared to the much more famous and expensive, Knight Inlet Lodge at Glendale Cove; which has become rather mainstream over the years. From this beautiful base half-way between Johnstone Strait (best location for Orcas in Canada) and the Knight Inlet bear viewing stands, you have the opportunity to travel in small groups (often in your own boat) to beautiful wilderness areas, rich in marine and terrestrial wildlife. This is a Canada wildlife tour for those looking to experience the adventure of a floatplane journey into some of the best grizzly bear viewing areas in Canada; a grizzly bear safari that will exceed your expectations.

Knight Inlet is the most famous and popular grizzly bear location in Canada, and one of the few places in North America were large numbers of grizzlies congregate in one place to fish for salmon, and where you can observe the interaction between these normally solitary animals as they compete for the best fishing spots. During the autumn salmon season (late August through to mid-October) viewing is conducted from two elevated viewing platforms on the banks of a salmon spawning channel, and sessions are limited to 2 hours and 6 people per platform to minimise disturbance to the bears. It is, however, a very action-packed 2 hours with rarely a moment when there aren’t multiple bears close to the platforms. From my experience (I have visited Knight Inlet a number of times) you often see more bears in 2 hours at Knight Inlet than you would in 2 days in other grizzly bear locations in British Columbia.

In spring (May & June) and summer (July through to late August) all viewing is conducted from a boat sitting just offshore in the estuary as the bears graze on estuarine sedge grasses or dig for rice root close to the shoreline, or forage for crustaceans on the tidal flats. We offer multi-day, lodge-based program combining both bear and whale watching activities at a remote wilderness lodge in Knight Inlet itself, accessible only by floatplane from Campbell River on Vancouver Island. This is not the world-famous Knight Inlet Lodge, but a smaller, more intimate, and far less expensive property on a small island, an hour to the west by boat, closer to the mouth of Knight Inlet. Accommodation is more basic with just 4 simple guest rooms, each with 2 single beds, and 2 shared bathrooms, but the warm hospitality and more personal approach more than compensates. The thing we really like about this operation is that they utilise a fleet of 4 small 3-seat motorboats to transport guests on bear and whale watching excursions which means that couples generally get a private boat and guide. This fits our philosophy of personal service and intimate experience, and a smaller vessel is also less intrusive and Orcas will often come closer. Bear viewing takes place at Glendale Cove – the same location used by Knight Inlet Lodge – which is a scenic 1-hour boat ride from the lodge. What the lodge loses in proximity to Glendale Cove where Knight Inlet Lodge is situated, it gains by being an hour closer to Johnstone Strait, core habitat of the 16 resident Orca pods that frequent British Columbia’s coastal waters.

This is a Canada wildlife holiday for those a little short on time, but wanting to experience the 'full on' Canadian wilderness adventure, with the floatplane drop off, standing just metres away from brown bears fishing for salmon and living the 'real' Canadian outdoors lifestyle in a rustic but comfortable lodge surrounded by bears, whales and water - let the wildlife adventure begin.


This is a Private Tour

  1. Day 1

    This Canada wildlife holiday starts with a night at the Pacific Gateway Hotel (free shuttle available from the airport)

  2. Day 2

    Morning flight from Vancouver to Campbell River, followed by floatplane transfer to Grizzly Bear Lodge

  3. Day 3

    First visit to Knight Inlet to view grizzly bears either in the estuary or at the viewing stands (see pricing info)

  4. Day 4

    Full day excursion to world famous Johnstone Strait looking for Orcas and other marine wildlife

  5. Day 5

    Second visit to Knight Inlet for grizzly bear viewing, or another river system. In the late afternoon you will fly back to Campbell River and be met and transferred to the iconic Painters Lodge

  6. Day 6

    Transfer to Campbell River airport to connect with your flight back to Vancouver


Cost £2490 per person (based on two people sharing) during PEAK Bear Season and the salmon run. Costs do not include international flights, but we can quote on request.

For a full itinerary please contact Wildlife Trails quoting reference VGBL6

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* Based on 2 persons and not including flights

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