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Canada wildlife holiday looking for Polar Bears in Churchill

6 days from £2500* 3 reviews

Canada wildlife tour polar bear tours Churchill Manitoba. Photo of a lone polar bear before snows

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​Canada wildlife holiday looking for Polar Bears in Churchill

When we first visited Churchill in 2003, we were already well aware of the high cost of Churchill Tours in peak season, in an industry dominated by two main companies - which is never healthy for competition or variety. So one of our first key decisions was to ‘try’ (it was not, and still is not easy!) to organise cheaper polar bear tours outside of peak season in a tailor-made fashion. No other company in the UK or US was offering such a product then, and no-one is now; preferring instead to take the much easier route of booking a package and charging an ‘arm and a leg’ for that service. Wildlife Trails, not for the last time, chose a different path from the herd and booked flights, accommodation and Tundra Buggy excursions separately; saving our clients on average more than a £1000 per person for what we called our ‘early season Churchill Tour’. We continue this proud tradition of finding value for our clients and giving them a more intimate and cheap Polar bear tour in Churchill.

Although quite southerly, due to its unique geography and geology, and the prevailing ocean currents, Churchill is the first place where winter sea ice forms in Hudson Bay. This is turn attracts Polar Bears from hundreds of miles around eagerly awaiting the first ice so that they can head offshore as soon as possible to spend the winter hunting seals out on the ice floes. The bears begin to congregate close to the shoreline to the east of Churchill at the beginning of October, and their numbers swell as the month progresses and on into November. When the ice finally comes, usually in mid to late November, there is an overnight mass exodus and the bears aren’t seen again to the following June when the ice breaks up again.

We offer a wider variety of Churchill polar bear tours than other tour operators so we are very confident that we can put together a tour that fits your interests, aspirations, and budget. The tourist season in Churchill breaks down into two distinct periods: a pre-season period from about October 6th to 15th, and the peak period which runs from mid October to mid to late November. Our speciality is arranging custom unescorted tours for independent travellers with flexible departure dates, durations, and content, and over the past 6 years we have carved out a bit of a niche for ourselves offering these very affordable tours in the pre-season period. However during the peak season (October 16th onwards) two package tour operators block book the vast majority of hotel rooms and tundra buggy vehicles in Churchill for their escorted group tours, ensuring they enjoy something of a monopoly, and that makes it harder (though not impossible) for us to arrange our custom unescorted tours in that period. The good news is that whereas most of our competitors work with one or other of these two package tour operators, we work with both and can offer all of their peak season group tours at competitive prices, though we are inevitably governed by their tour formats, schedule, and price guidelines.

Since we first began offering polar bear tours in 2003 we have striven to give genuine wildlife enthusiasts  a more flexible and affordable option to the fixed itinerary and departure date escorted group tours that dominate the Churchill market. Our trademark custom Canada wildlife holidays for independent travellers are the net result, and have proved very popular with our clients over the years, particularly those keen to combine Grizzly Bear viewing in Western Canada with polar bear viewing in Churchill in a single tour. Initially we offered these tours only in the October 7-15 pre-season period, but in recent years we have had increasing success arranging these tours later and later into the peak season thanks to a partnership with a couple of independent local family owned B&B properties in Churchill which enables us to get around the lack of available hotel rooms. 


This is a Private Tour

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    Arrive in Winnipeg and overnight at the Sheraton connected to the airport by walkway.

  2. 2

    Fly into Churchill and overnight in a B&B or mid-range motel.

  3. 3

    You will be picked up from your accommodation and taken for a full day Tundra Buggy tour.

  4. 4

    You will be taken for a full day town tour, covering the unique history of Churchill and visiting the museums.

  5. 5

    You will be picked up from your accommodation and taken for a second Tundra Buggy tour. Evening flight back to Winnipeg and overnight at the airport Sheraton

  6. 6

    Connect with your international flight home.


Cost £2500 per person based on two people sharing and not including international flights.

​Just breakfast included in Winnipeg and Churchill.

​Tour must be organised between Octover 7-15 to fit in with the 'early season' at Churchill.

Contact Wildlife Trails for a detailed itinerary.

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* Based on 2 persons and not including flights

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