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Wolf safari in the Canadian tundra at a Wolf Denning Site

11 days from £4070*

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Canada wildlife tour - A remarkable 11-day wildlife safari to a remote, catered tented camp located at a traditional tundra (white) wolf den area and caribou water crossing.  Witness nesting birds-of-prey under the midnight sun. The best trip on which to encounter wild wolves! Featured on this unique wildlife tour are tundra white wolf dens sites that have been active over the past several years due to the stability of the local caribou population. Those who are diligent will often see adult wolves and their pups during the primary and secondary stage den cycles.  Wolves are very elusive, and we never know how close you can get from season to season - but we definitely offer one of the very best chances to see wolves in the true wild! This is very much for keen experienced photographers used to remote camps on Canada wildlife tours.


This is a Small Group Tour

  1. July 2

    Arrive in Montreal and overnight.

  2. July 3

    Fly from Montreal to a remote Inuit community in Quebec and overnight.

  3. July 4

    Take a chartered float plane or boat deep into the Barrenlands to a remote wilderness camp.

  4. July 5-10

    Six full days to explore the area around the Wolf Denning Sites.

  5. July 11

    Fly back to the Inuit community in Quebec and overnight.

  6. July 12

    Fly back to Montreal to connect with your international flight.


​Alternative dates: July 9-19. Availability limited on both departures!

Accommodation: simple hotels in Montreal and Inuit Community. Simple heated tents which can be quickly dismantled to follow the wildlife. Outside toilet. All meals included at the camp.

Contact Wildlife Trails for a detailed itinerary.

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* Based on 2 persons and not including flights

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