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Canada – Bears & Whales

Canada wildlife holiday on Vancouver Island looking for bears and whales

14 days from £2290*

Canada wildlife holiday with grizzly bear tours on Vancouver Island. One of our most popular Canada bear watching holidays, as we visit both coasts looking for grizzly bears, black bears, humpack and gray whales and orcas. Great for those on a budget and who don't mind scenic drives!

Canada wildlife holiday with the chance to see all 3 species of North American bear

15 days from £3715*

Signature Canada wildife holiday which well carefully crafted anf following immaculate timing gives you the chance to view and photograph all 3 species of North American bears. First we head to British Colombia where we can find the brown and black bears around Vancouver Island the the west coast of BC. Then we fly east to Churchill, Manitoba, for the very start of the Polar Bear season just inside of the Arctic Circle. An incredible price for such wildlife diversity and uniqueness. 

Churchill Tour in the summer for Beluga Whales

7 days from £2390*

​Churchill Tour in the summer focusing on multiple boat safaris in the Hudson Bay to see large number of Beluga Whales. Also an outside chance of seeing Polar Bears hungry for food.

Grizzly bear viewing at Knight Inlet

8 days from £1345*

Canada bear safari with grizzly bear viewing at Knight Inlet, including two whale watching trips to see Orcas, as well as black bear safaris and whale watching at Tofino.

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