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Brazil wildlife tour in the Amazon looking for Pink River Dolphins

8 days from £1100*

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Wildlife first visited the famous Ukari Lodge in 2007, when we were searching for more authentic and wild places to visit in the Amazon from Manaus. Not all travellers have the time to take a long boat safari up the Amazon or other rivers in the Amazonian basin and wildlife viewing from these larger boats can be fairly poor until you reach the less inhabitated regions - which takes several days. So we chose to extend our Brazil tour of the Amazon by flying to Tefe and then taking a small motor boat to the beautiful Ukari Lodge; beautifully situated on the Ox-bend of a beautiful river within the Mamiraua community reserve. The lodge offers a mixture of small boat wildlife safaris, jungle trekking and private wooden paddle boat trips through the flooded Amazon forest.


This is a Private Tour

  1. Day 1

    On arrival in Manaus you will be met and transferred to the Chez Les Rois guesthouse

  2. Day 2

    Morning tour of Manaus and the meeting of the Amazon and Rio Negro rivers

  3. Day 3

    Fly to Tefe and then take a 1 hour boat journey to Ukari floating lodge

  4. Day 4-6

    Three days of mixed wildlife activities, some in small groups and others private

  5. Day 7

    Boat transfer back to Tefe to connect with your flight back to Manaus


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* Based on 2 persons and not including flights

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