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Jaguar Safari in the North and South Pantanal

13 days from £6500* 5 reviews


Itinerary: Overall great! We saw hundreds ofdifferent birds, several mammals and of course Jaguar. Iguassu was fantastic and we would recommend anyone going to Brazil to go there. Rio was well worth the quick visit.

by Ian and Gill, Newbury, UK on

Hi Allan and all at Wildlife trails,

We hope you are well. We are back from our tour of the Pantanal. We had a great time, and we saw a Jaguar in the last 10 minutes of the tour on the Cuiaba river, phew!  It was a great sighting, only our boat and Rosemaries boat was there at the time. A big male was sitting on one of the beachy areas, it was such a special wildlife moment and such a nice surprise, we had given up, we thought we weren’t going to see one. What a beautiful cat!! Thanks for organising the trip.

Best Wishes

Sheila and Anjna

by Sheila and Anjna, Sheffield, UK on

What can I say - the tour was fantastic.   Allan certainly studied the wildlife routes to achieve wonderful itinerary.Yes, I must admit that the highlight was watching a female jaguar for 15 - 20 minutes.  We were in a small boat and she was lying on a sandbank at the river’s edge.   She watched us carefully as she sat, washed herself, got up to get more comfortable and settled down again!   My camera was not powerful enough to do it justice BUT my old video camera came up trumps. Sadly, the boat kept moving (rivers do!!) but I have some wonderful shots.That was, perhaps, the highlight but how do you compare that against the giant river otters, hyacinth mackaws, Hoatzin birds, tucans, many varieties of hawks and owls, and the wonderful array of water birds (have you ever seen a roseate spoonbill!), pink dolphins, tapirs, sloth, large squirrel and the 3 types of monkies, caymen, Swamp deer, capybara, agouti, South American Coati, Anaconda - thereby hangs a tail .

by Rosemarie, Lewes, UK on

Take care and please give my best to all the folks at Wildlife Trails. It has been 6 months, but I can’t help but continue to remember literally every single day what an amazing trip to Brazil it was and how well it was handled by you, your office and, of course the guides.  It was simply superb.

All the Best, Ted

by Ted, Seattle, US on


Hope you enjoyed Uganda & Rwanda. Presumably you saw the mountain gorillas? We had an excellent holiday in Mato Grosso. Eduardo was a superb guide and a really nice chap. Other people at his Lodge were really jealous that Ann & I had him all to ourselves.We saw 194 bird species everything from Greater Rhea’s and Jabiru Storks to Vermilion Flycatchers and Glittering Throated Emerald humming birds. This included a number of macaw species including the 3 big ones – hyacinth, blue and yellow and the red and green macaws which were eating jacaranda seed pods – how photogenic was that!  We also saw 33 species of mammals, amphibians and reptiles.This included 4 jaguars seen and 2 “heard” very close to the truck growling on a night drive. Eduardo recommended that we didn’t get out of the truck to look for them! We also saw ocelot, yellow anaconda, tapir, marmoset, giant and southern river otters. The only prize missing was the Giant Anteater

by Fred and Anne, Wombourne, UK on

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