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Brazil wildlife tours allow you to discover a country with a richness of wildlife that is comparable to any location on this planet. Brazil has the largest number of mammals in the world. There are so many species of monkeys in Brazil that scientists are still discovering new ones; a new Tamarin was discovered in 2009! Then we have some of the unique Brazilian wildlife that the country is famous for, such as the iconic Giant Anteater, super fast Maned Wolf, acrobatic Spider Monkey and feared predators such as the Brazilian Jaguar.

Our bespoke Brazil wildlife holidays will allow you to tailor your Brazil tour to maximise your wildlife encounters and get up close and personal with these beautiful species. Whether its a private jaguar safari in the Pantanal, a stay at one of the best Amazon rainforest lodges, a boat cruise on the amazon river or a walk on the high Cerrado looking for Maned Wolf and Giant Anteaters; let Wildlife Trails design your perfect Brazil wildlife tour. Brazil is famous for its beaches and wildlife trails can personally recomend some great hotels we have visited on the north east coast.

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