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Best Time For Wildlife in Botswana

​As is the norm in Southern Africa, there is a distinct green (off season), shoulder season and peak season. Sometimes clients miss out on both good game viewing and significant price reductions by only considering the peak season months of July to October. In addition, it is likely that you will be over charged for international flights to Africa during July and August, so a little flexibility can go a long way to saving your money for future Botswana safaris. Of course some photographers want those dry conditions and shortage of water  to maximise their encounters with predators such as Lions and Leopards, taking advantage of the weakened state of their prey - but is this the best time foe overall photography? Some peope would say to see Botswana in the middle of the green season from mid-November to April and photography plump healthy Lions and amazing birdlife is the pinnicle of a visit to Botswana. Others will prefer the vegetation to have died back a little so viewing wildlife is easier and opt for the shoulder season from May to June. Obviously not all the camps are open throughout the year, so you will need to contact Wildlife Trails so we can match the most suitable accommodation to the season you wish to travel on your Botswana safari.

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