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Borneo Park Profiles

​Parks to visit on your Borneo Tour

Danum Valley

Surely one of the most rich and magical wildlife locations in the whole of Borneo. In a country where it is well documented that Palm plantations have scarred the once resplendent rainforest, we are blessed to still have this jewel of a conservation area holding back the tide! Sometimes in Borneo we feel there is too much focus on captive Orangutan tourism and not enough emphasis on the greater need to conserve the few remaining tracts of virgin rainforest left. Danum is such an area which really needs our protection and provides the visitor with a genuine opportunity to view some of the regions most charasmatic wildlife, including Orangutans, Probosis Monkeys, Pygmy Elephants and if you are very lucky, even Clouded Leopard and Sumatran Rhino. Activities include jungle treks, canopy walks, nightime wildife treks; many of which can be focused on reptiles, mammals or birds depending on your personal interests.

Kinabatangan River

One of the most popular wildlife destinations in Borneo, due to the great variety of accommodation options available to the visitor and the mainly boat based wildlife activities, which are both comfortable and productive; well compared to a long, hot, sweaty jungle walk when you sometimes see nothing at all! It is important to book with a company who knows the area well, as different lodges have easier access to locations which may be hotspots for Pygmy Elephants, Orangutans, In general you can really enjoy a full days worth of activities at the best lodges, with bboat excursions early morning/mid-morning and late afternoon. Wildlife Trails clients often see Probosis Monkeys, 5M Crocs and reptiles such as the Pit Viper.

Tabin Wildlife Reserve

Although the forest here is far from origional - it is primarily logged lowland forest - it can be very productive for lovers of mammals and birds. It has become famous for the frequency of Clouded Leopard sightings and certainly camera traps in the reserve indicate a high density. In addition you have hauntingly beautiful Gibbon calls waking you up in the morning and up to 7 of the Hornbill species found in this area could be added to your list. Add in regular sightings of Civits, Mouse Deer, Leopard Cat, Orangutans and Giant Flying Squirrel and you have a premier wildlife destination which you can't afford to miss.

Mount Kinabalu National Park

You don't need to visit this incredibly diverse World Heritage Site just to 'bag' the peak! There is so many more reasons to include this destination on your Borneo Tour. One of the advantages of taking the longer Liwagu Trail followed by the more wildlife rich Mesilau trail to the summit, is that you avoid most of the other trekkers and take the best 'birding trail' in the entire park; there are over 300 different species found here. As you ascend from 600 to over 4000m in elevation, you pass through 12 distinct climatic zones and will observe the incredible change in vegetation and glimpse some of the 1200 different Orchid species.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park

It is embrassing that in the UK so little protection is afforded to our marine wildlife, so it is refreshing to see countries like Borneo taking the initiative and protecting around 50 sq kms of islands and pristine coral reef. Of course it is then very important that the resorts that grow up around these tourism areas fully benefit the local people Baju people who live in a few water villages dotted around Pulau Gaya. The smallest island, Pulau Mamutik has the best reefs and corals, with clear deep water for maximum visability on your snorkell or dive. It is also an access point to the more virant corals of the TAR marine park; a paradise for divers and snorkellers alike. A combination of visit to both terrestrial and marine national parks will enhance your Borneo tour.

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