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Best Time For Wildlife in Borneo

​The equatorial-tropical climate which exists in Borneo provides us with a fairly clear guide to the Borneo climate and therefore the best time to visit for wildlife. The north-eat monsoon creates a wet season from approximately November to March and the south-west monsoon creates a dry season from May to October. May of our visitors to Borneo have enjoyed superior mammal viewing (especially primates) in the months of June to September; although again it depends on the specific Borneo Tour you design with Wildlife Trails. Obviously some locations like Mount Kinabalu create there own micro climates and the temperature drops considerably as you gain altitude. There is still the chance of clody weather and the odd heavy down pour during the dry season, but in general the drier conditions provide enhanced wildlife viewing.Give us a call and let us pick the best season for your Borneo tour based on your personal objectives.

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