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Borneo wildlife safari with Wildlife Trails will take you beyond the tourist hotspots to areas of outstanding beauty. Stay in the best Borneo rainforest lodges for wildlife with your own private guide, as you search for Orangutans, Forest elephants, Probisis Monkeys, Hornbills and the elusive Clouded Leopard. Your bespoke Borneo wildlife holiday will be tailored to your own needs, with an emphasis on quality time at the key wildlife sanctuaries in Borneo, such as the Danum Valley, Tabin wildlife reserve and the Kinabatagan River. A wide variety of wildlife activities are available in Borneo, from boat safaris to see huge esturaine crocodiles, to tree canopy walks for a birds eye view of the Orangutans, to guided jungle walks from your Borneo rainforest lodge.

Best places to see wildlife in Borneo

Despite the harmful effects of slash and burn agriculture and the planting of vast Palm Oil plantations, Borneo still has some utterly stunning wildlife locations to visit, where to can see signature species, such as Orangutans, Forest Elephants and maybe with extreme luck, the nocturnal Clouded Leopard. Wildlife Trails have put together detailed profiles on three of the most important Borneo Wildlife Sanctuaries. Click here for more information on the Danum Valley, Kinbatangan River and the amazing Tabin Wildlife Reserve.

Borneo Wildlife

For a focus on adventure travel in Borneo, what about climbing Mount Kinabalu, trekking through the rainforest, staying in a traditonal longhouse or diving for sharks off one of the many stunning smaller islands. Whatever choices you make, we will ensure you have a Borneo safari with the best guides and the opportunity to see the full beauty of this amazing island. There are many different beach resorts in Borneo to choose from, some more focued on diving/snorkelling than others, so if you would like to finish your Borneo safari with some well deserved relaxation, we can choose the right property for you.

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